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Voter Fraud Suddenly Now Isn’t A Myth To Democrats

The hypocrisy is now so thick, it will take a chainsaw to penetrate it: House Democrat starts inquiry into GOP firm linked to bad voter forms – latimes.com Voter Fraud is apparently a real thing now! Go figure. These are … Continue reading

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The Friday Focus (1/20/12)

Seems to me that instead of saying there would be disenfranchised voters and playing the race card, they would serve these voters better to perhaps assist them in getting said ID? I mean, come on. We need ID for cigarettes, alcohol, to register our kids for school, to buy drain cleaner, check into a hotel and to register in the armed services…but not to determine who are elected officials and President are? Absurd. Continue reading

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The Morning Links (11/29)

Smell of Desperation: Obama Campaign selling access to cabinet members and their list of celeb friends for $5k a pop. Looks like Dinner with Barack wasn’t such a big fundraising hit or they need a new campaign slogan. Continue reading

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