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#BENGHAZI: Whistleblowers, Refusing To Rescue and 60 Minutes

Last month, the Benghazi case was updated with a CBS 60 Minutes report given by Lara Logan. This marked the first time a major news outlet, other than FOX, had done a special on-air report on Benghazi and the segment came over a year after the attack. *Note – In the previous update, videos related to the Benghazi segment were pulled from YouTube by CBS.

This month, Logan has gone on the air to apologize for part of that report. Logan went on the air at the end of a 60 Minutes segment on November 10th, stating an account from Dylan Davies that 60 Minutes aired was now in question. Here is the statement that aired on the show via Business Insider: Continue reading

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#BENGHAZI: 60 Minutes Catches Up A Year Later

Lara Logan and CBS 60 Minutes producer Max McClellan presented a feature on Benghazi last night. The opening sounds like the story is being taken seriously unless you consider that perhaps this isn’t being used to set the record straight, but to direct where the needle goes next. As of this report, the 60 Minute Record is skipping right over Clinton and the White House.

“The events of that night have been overshadowed by misinformation, confusion and intense partisanship…” – Lara Logan, 60 Minutes: Benghazi Continue reading

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President Peace Prize On 60 Minutes (videos)

Obama went on 60 Minutes … wow. Just WOW.

First, Israel and it’s concerns about nukes are “noise” he can block out:


Noise? Well, President Peace Prize… here’s some NOISE for you to block out:

Obama: Israel’s concerns on Iran “noise” I’m going to block out « Hot Air
Obama considers pressure from Netanyahu on Iran as “noise” that he can “block out” » The Right Scoop –
Wow! Obama Says Israel’s Concerns Over Iranian Nukes Is “Noise” …Update: So Does Ahmadinejad | The Gateway Pundit
Obama Refers To Israel’s Concerns Iran Will Build A Nuke And Wipe Out Their Country As “Noise” That He Tries To Ignore… | Weasel Zippers
Obama Calls Israeli Concern Over Iran Nukes ‘Noise’ | The Lonely Conservative
Obama: Israel “One of Our Closest Allies in the Region” | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier
Obama damns Israel with faint praise. | Power Line

Next, the attacks on our embassies are “bumps in the road”:


Bumps in the road, eh? Hey, hasn’t he called the American people that before as well? Why yes, yes he has:


Video: Obama Says Attacks In Libya And Egypt Are Just “Bumps In The Road”… | Weasel Zippers
The PJ Tatler » Bumps in the road?
20,000,000 Bumps in the Road
Obama disses Jeep Wrangler, callls jobless rate bump in road

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