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Have NC Teachers Done The DPI Common Core Survey Yet?

The day after the last Common Core Academic Standards Review Commission meeting, a survey went out from NC Dept. of Public Instruction (DPI) to North Carolina teachers.

Given how busy our teachers are, I’m betting more than not deleted the email. It’s also interesting that this survey is an open link that anyone can enter data into. One has to ask how accurate and scientific the results will be.

One has to wonder why this wasn’t done prior to adoption and implementation? If it was, where are those results? Maybe they did and circular filed it along with the CommonCoreStandards.org feedback?

Oh, by the way, one has to enter data in every field in order to advance to the next page of this survey it seems. Way to discourage people from completing it!

This is the email I obtained that went out to NC Teachers:

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10,000 Comments: NC Overall Feedback

Yesterday, I wrote about the The Infamous “10,000” Comments On Common Core. To quickly recap, the CoreStandards.org site took public feedback prior to the standards being published. Those comments were sold around the country as proof of transparency and vetting and are known by most as the “10,000 comments”. I received a copy of the comments from North Carolina residents along with an overall total from all respondent locations. It was not 10,000, but 8,731. North Carolina’s total was 195.

I said I would publish the comments once I had a suitable format for doing so. The document is an excel sheet, so transferring the data is going to take time. The excel sheet has multiple categories beyond overall comments dealing with K-5 ELA and math, grades 6 and up ELA and math, history/social studies, architecture of the standards, the appendices and more. It is a lot to sort through.

I have compiled the overall comment section with identifiers of the type of respondent for North Carolina. Not all respondents gave input in the overall feedback column, which is why I will have to publish multiple sections.

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The Infamous “10,000” Comments On Common Core

If you’ve been following along in my journey to obtain the “10,000” comments, you know I’ve been looking for these pieces of feedback ever since Dr. Atkinson mentioned them.

Atkinson also commented during the course of the legislative research commission that there were “60,000 teachers” involved in the revision of the standard course of study. She was very vague and never brought that item up again. As of this moment, I don’t believe that there are “60,000 teachers” involved in any set of feedback for any course of study past or present. I think there’s been some “false witness” going on. Read on and see why. Continue reading

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