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Educrats, Ed Reformers and their well-funded Potemkin Villages

Common Core supporters are ginning up their own love of Common Core – again.
The echo-chamber of Common Core support is swinging into action via an ever-increasing proliferation of ‘education non-profits’.

These ‘education non-profits’ receive grants and contributions from other ‘education non-profits’, who receive money from other ‘education non-profits’ and so on.

The idea is to create a web or network of Common Core supporting groups to give the appearance that support for the standards is bigger than it actually is.

This creation and funding of multiple supporting groups are much like a Potemkin village. They are used, in essence, to carpet bomb opposition. This is a common political tactic used during election cycles to sway public opinion.

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Anonymously Registered Website Fear Mongers On #HB657

Parents, the same forces that came out to kill the Academic Standards Review Commission’s (ASRC) math recommendations have now come back out to try to kill HB 657.

CC ED Potemkin VillageIt’s basically the same groups who pressured various members of the ASRC to attack the Math work group leader, Dr. Scheick.


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Gates Backed Non-Profit Shuts Down In NC

Apparently there is a new vacancy in the education non-profit Potemkin Village.

The ‘education non-profit’, NC New Schools is shutting down according to the News and Observer. Continue reading

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Professional Lobbyist Pens ANOTHER Letter to NC Common Core Commission – #nced #asrc

Back in March, I reported on a professional lobbyist and PR consultant named Andrew Meehan who penned a letter to the NC Common Core Commission (ASRC) in support of the controversial Standards.

Mr. Meehan has struck again it seems. The Common Core Potemkin Village is well looked after.

This time a group of teachers, that includes members of the Gates backed Hope Street Group, has sent the commission a letter which failed to mentioned Meehan also penned the letter.

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#NCED Quick Hits: Supt. Budget, School Crime, Mental Health Screening Bill

Some quick education hits from the last few weeks include a  mental health screening study bill, Superintendent Mark Johnson’s budget, and the annual school crime report. Also, a long-running education legal case pay-day is postponed and more. Continue reading

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New Education “Non-Profit” Brings Jeb! To Raleigh

Another day, another “education non-profit” is born. This time it’s in North Carolina’s own backyard and appears to involve NC State Superintendent Mark Johnson and featuring an appearance by Jeb! Continue reading

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Districts Knew About Class Size Changes. Protest Them, Not NCGA.

For the better part of the last three decades, school administrators and teachers have begged for smaller class sizes – especially in K-3 classrooms. Now they are protesting over getting what they want. Why?  Continue reading

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