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Is Governor McCrory Listening On Common Core?

The National Governors Association is finding their involvement with Common Core to be a true double-edged sword. An article in the Wall Street Journal caught my eye titled, Common Core Becomes Touchy Subject for Governors Group. The article allows one free view before a pay-wall jumped up, so read the whole thing.

In particular this quote resonated:

“Common Core has become a divisive issue in our nation, with the concern that the federal government is trying to mandate standards down to states,” Ms. Fallin said Friday. “The governors are listening to their voters and their constituents back home who are concerned about the federal overreach into states, and each governor will do what’s in the best interest of their states.” – Wall Street Journal, 7/11/14

Is Governor McCrory listening to the voters here in North Carolina and the legislature who is moving along the replace bill? Or is he still listening to Eric Guckian?
We’ll find out, I suppose. Continue reading

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McCrory’s Dem Education Aide Has Duncan, Obama Ties

Previously, we discovered that the top Education aide to Governor McCrory is a hardcore pro-Common Core who seems to have attempted to hide his party affiliation as being Democrat. Read: McCrory’s Democrat Common Core Advisors

That aide is named Eric Guckian and he was brought on to McCrory’s staff in May of 2013. Previously, he was Executive Director for New Leaders Inc and Teach For America-North Carolina. Guckian was also Director of Strategic Partnerships for the North Carolina New Schools Project, a consultant to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and leading a strategic planning effort for KIPP. All of the groups in Guckian’s past are very pro-Common Core and have been well-financed to push it.

So how did a Common Core pushing Democrat like Guckian come to be education advisor to McCrory? Continue reading

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McCrory’s Democrat Common Core Advisors

In the last half-year or more, Governor McCrory has dodged giving a definitive statement in public on whether or not he supports Common Core. He doesn’t really need to, his staff is speaking for him and it’s clear the Governor backs Common Core. Clearly, our Governor hasn’t been paying attention to the siege being made on Governors in other states like Indiana, South Carolina and Wisconsin who are choosing to side with the fundamentally flawed and experimental standards.

The Governor probably hasn’t paid attention to the all out assault by moms in NY on Cuomo either or the campaign to get Oklahoma’s Mary Fallin to drop the Core. Either he’s ignoring all of that or he recklessly thinks he is somehow immune. If it’s the latter, the NC mom brigade will gladly visit the mansion with bullhorns.

Back to McCrory’s Common Core pushing staffers. This is an excerpt of the interview McCrory’s Education Advisor, Eric Guckian, gave to the News and Record: Continue reading

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Why Is Bloomberg Money In The NC Superintendent Race?

Folks might not realize it, but the NC Superintendent position is up for grabs this election year.

Dr. Atkinson has filed to run again, but there are four other people running as well. This is one of the most crowded Superintendent races in a while, with two Democrats and three Republicans running.

Those running against Atkinson are J. Wesley Sills (R), Henry Pankey (D), Dr. Rosemary Stein (R) and Mark Johnson (R).

One of them is getting money from Mike Bloomberg and Teach for America’s political offshoot organization.
KEEP READING… Continue reading

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Checking In With Common Core Potemkin Village Resident ‘NC Ready For Success’

It’s hard to keep tabs on all of the Common Core supporters and their ‘non-profits’, ‘alliances’ and ‘organizations’. There are so many of them, that sometimes one forgets to check back and see what they are up to. Last year took a … Continue reading

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