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March For Our Lives Obtained Non-Profit Status Pretty Damn Fast

The news that the March For Our Lives had been set up as a 501(c)4 hit the news cycle a week or two ago.
What’s most interesting to me is how fast they received their non-profit status. Continue reading

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White Supremacy Pyramid has Charter School Parents, Students Upset

A poster depicting a white supremacy pyramid which appeared on the wall of a charter school has parents and students upset.

The white supremacy pyramid appeared on the wall in the classroom of Franca Gilbert, a French teacher at the Franklin Academy High school since 2007. Continue reading

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Far Left Democracy Alliance Summit Mentions Key NC Progressives

Far Left Democracy Alliance focuses its latest summit on Obama and Holder’s “National Democratic Redistricting Committee” with plenty of mentions throughout of high-profile North Carolina Progressives. Continue reading

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A No White-Wash Look at Black Bloc

Black Bloc: an informal grouping of militant, mainly anarchist, protesters who act together during anti-capitalism, anti-war, etc, protests, often wearing black hoods and black clothing.

Read more about these violent radicals, their roots, their history and their tactics. Continue reading

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Legal Immigrant at March4Trump: Trump is a “lion surrounded by hyenas”

Protesters attempted to ‘wall in’ supporters of the President at the “March4Trump” event which took place in Raleigh, North Carolina on Saturday.

The ‘wall builders’ appeared to be led by a woman named Elena Ceberio, who is involved with the Indivisible Triangle Daily Action group. Continue reading

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Progressive “Indivisible Guide” Sparks Local Groups, Events

The “Indivisible Guide” has come to Cary, North Carolina. A town hall is being hosted tomorrow evening in Cary by a group called Indivisible Triangle Daily Call To Action. Continue reading

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The Radical Women’s March on Washington

After 8 years of hearing dissent against the President of the United States is unpatriotic, a collection of radical women will be making it fashionable again under the name “Women’s March on Washington” (WMW). Continue reading

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