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After Arrests in NC, Local IWW Chapter Deletes Social Media Accounts

Minor scuffles between protesters affiliated with the Triangle International World Workers (IWW), Antifa and the Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County (ACTBAC) broke out during an event held on Saturday, May 20th in Graham, North Carolina. Continue reading

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AG Roy Cooper Kills Bipartisan #HB2 Changes

In case you missed it, WBTV is reporting that North Carolina Attorney General, Roy Cooper, made ‘personal phone calls’ to Democrats involved with the recent attempts to amend HB 2. Cooper apparently bullied them into dropping their support.


KEEP READING… Continue reading

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Fascist Lefty Group Attacks Fascist Righty Group Peacefully Assembling In Sacramento

In case you missed it, there was a scheduled and permitted event at the Sacramento where several people were stabbed and many were assaulted with long wood poles or bats.

Media reported that this was either a KKK event or Neo-nazi event. Some outlets reported both. The group who filed for the permit was the Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP). The group who showed up to ‘counter protest’ the TWP is called BAMN, which stands for ‘By Any Means Necessary’. Continue reading

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Imagine If This Was A Conservative…

Equality NC’s Executive Director, Chris Sgro, was installed at the NC General Assembly.

Sgro allegedly resigned his lobbying position with the organization on April 11th, but as of April 18th, he was still signing off on documents as their lobbying principal.

As of this article, he has yet to file an interest statement. Continue reading

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The Hillary-ous #BlockSalon Tweet Storm

Something epic has happened this evening. Hillary Clinton supporters are going insane on Twitter calling for a #BlockSalon tweet storm.

Why you may ask? Well, because published an article titled “Dear FBI, the Democratic Party’s Future Rests Upon Your Investigation of Clinton’s Emails”.


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AG Roy Cooper’s Long History of ‘No Comment’ – #ncpol

Attorney General Roy Cooper has a long history of ‘no comment’ answers.

The big news over the last week was the Charlotte City Council’s incredible overreach with an arguably illegal ‘non-discrimination’ ordinance change.

That change bans businesses from maintaining single sex bathrooms and allows the miniscule transgender population to use the bathroom of their ‘self identified’ choice.

Where is the state’s top legal official? CANNOT BE REACHED FOR COMMENT.


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Vote Protecting or Vote Harassing? – #NCpol #NCBOE

Those ‘non-partisan advocates for clean elections’ are back.

Now they want you to sign up to be a ‘vote protector’. Honestly, this looks more like ‘vote harasser’ to me. Check out Democracy NC’s latest Big Brother at the Polls campaign…

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