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The Coming Mainstream Media Rude Awakening

Barack Obama has dictated to reporters what their job is, has denied access to them and has scolded them. Biden even shoved one in a closet.

They were amateur hour, apparently.

Below is a rather pungent hint of what a Trump Presidency will look like for the mainstream media, based on how he treats them now. (Via NY Times Interactive) Continue reading

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Lena Dunham And A Tale Of Two “Rapists”

Bear with me here, but this article at Gawker is a spectacular kind of sad comedy gold.

In one paragraph Gawker chastises those who questioned Lena Dunham’s ‘rape’ claim in her ‘autobiography’ by calling them ‘distasteful’ and asserts, “They were wrong”. Oh and by the way, Gawker uses the characterization of said ‘rape’ as a “night of unwanted unprotected sex”. Someone ask Whoopi if that qualifies as “rape-rape”.
The author, J.K. Trotter, then turns around and tells the audience it was actual the son of an NPR host, who is a Democrat, who ‘raped’ her. Trotter then tears a hole in his own piece. He says in one of the summary paragraphs at the end that even that description might be wrong and that Ungar looks to have gone into hiding.

Got that?

Those who pretty much nailed Dunham as a liar were wrong, but Gawker is right because… just because.

KEEP READING… THERE’S MORE. Continue reading

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Mayor of Crazy Town And The Toxic Little Queen

Alec Baldwin, who has a Jekyll and Hyde love affair with Twitter and the media, has shown his Hyde side yet again. Baldwin has had tweet tirades and deleted his Twitter account in the past. Well, he has now deleted his second one. From Twitchy:

Something tells us Alec Baldwin’s epic rant calling out the “toxic little queen” who writes for the Daily Mail isn’t the first time he’s threatened someone. Deleting Twitter accounts is becoming something of a specialty as well, as many are reporting that @ABFalecbaldwin is returning nothing but a “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist” error tonight. Maybe it’s just a glitch, but Baldwin has signed off of Twitter twice before, first after his “Words with Friends” meltdown and again following his marriage in 2012.

Of all the tweets in the Twitchy report, this one stuck out to me:

Paula Deen’s career destroyed by word she used 30 yrs ago, but Alec Baldwin has profane threatening rant on Twitter. @CapitalOne your take?

— Michelle (@CreepyAssCrcker) June 28, 2013

So why the big temper tantrum and deletion? Because he threatened yet another reporter. The Blaze:

Actor Alec Baldwin, 55, had a serious Twitter meltdown Thursday, threatening a Daily Mail reporter and labeling him a “toxic little queen” over a report about his wife.

Daily Mail reporter George Stark brought the profane wrath of Baldwin on himself when he reported on his wife’s active Twitter feed during James Gandolfini’s funeral Thursday.

Further down, The Blaze posts the very NSFW screen grab from Baldwin’s Twitter feed:

Baldwin’s wife then got on Twitter and asked for an apology. She might be due one if the Daily Mail screwed up the time stamps, however does that really excuse her husband’s reaction? Uh, no. A simple reply to the reporter to check the time stamp would have sufficed. Baldwin would do well to get this publicist back, if they’ll have him:

Despite saying he “fired” his publicist, Matthew Hiltzik claims he still represents the actor and released the following statement:
“It is disgraceful that this reporter manufactured a story and never called for comment or explanation — especially when it needlessly diverted attention away from a day to honor the memory of a beloved figure like Mr Gandolfini.” – The Blaze

From her tweets it would seem that Mrs. Baldwin, like Hollywood, seems more interested in appearances than peace. Meanwhile, her husband isn’t really concerned with either.

Hey, you know what? I used to chronicle the new tone of Celebs. Flashback time. Continue reading

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