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NC Slaughterhouse Has “Do It Yourself” Halal Option [Videos]

A slaughterhouse in Cary, North Carolina has a Halal “do it yourself” option.

Halal meat preparation is that which aligns with Islamic law.

halal-goatThe practice includes slitting the animal’s jugular with a blade while also slicing through the trachea and carotid artery. Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: University of New Mexico ISIS Panel Attendee Speaks Out

The video of an alleged “Pro-ISIS panel at UNM” has sparked more than a few fires since it went viral online. I had a few questions of my own regarding the entire incident that took place on April 1st.

After my article ISIS Panel at University of New Mexico was published, I did get some partial answers.

One of the questions from my article was about 45 minutes of video missing from the UNM Muslim Student Associations panel on ISIS.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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Memorial Day: Honor Our Military, Reject Political Correctness.

It is Memorial Day.

A day for remembering our fallen soldiers and honoring those still walking among us. This article may seem like a strange way to honor our military, but I think given recent events, it’s appropriate. They fight for us, we should fight for them. Denial, labeling and political correctness are killing our soldiers as much as IED’s are. Wars are no longer fought on well-marked battlefields far away. They are fought where and whenever convenience lends itself. Casualties are not just soldiers, but civilians – on our own soil. Our President is in love with saying there is no war on terror, even with a history of spiking the Bin Laden football. Heck, he did it again in his GITMO speech just this past week.

Today, Osama bin Laden is dead, and so are most of his top lieutenants. There have been no large-scale attacks on the United States, and our homeland is more secure. Fewer of our troops are in harm’s way, and over the next 19 months they will continue to come home. Our alliances are strong, and so is our standing in the world. In sum, we are safer because of our efforts.

Small wonder he was heckled. We’ve got a President who can’t or won’t answer simple and direct questions about Jihad and has had language about terrorism, Jihad and radical Islam removed from the lexicons of multiple agencies. Reminder: The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. I’d like you to bear this in mind as you read the rest of this article, also remembering our press takes their directions and narratives from this administration.

On Twitter this morning, I came across a tweet from Jim Treacher which piqued my curiosity:

MESSAGE UNHEARD | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog…

— Jim Treacher (@jtLOL) May 27, 2013

I hit the link and inside the first paragraph knew I had hit gold:

You can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for your average Muslim terrorist. They go to all the trouble of blowing up children in Boston, killing US Army personnel in Texas, detonating bars in Bali, flying jets into New York skyscrapers and now basically removing a soldier’s head in a London street, all in the holy name of Islam.

But where’s the credit?

Where’s the respect?

Clearly sarcasm — Angry sarcasm. Read the whole thing, because Blair has this piece exactly right. He covers the white washing, the self blaming, hand wringing dhimmitude of the press with a singularly beautiful brand of weapons grade snark.:

Media timidity in the face of these obvious declarations is matched by equally feeble responses from the political classes. Richard Barrett, a former United Nations co-ordinator for the al-Qaida and Taliban monitoring team, offered this insight following yesterday’s brutality: “The idea that this may be terrorism inspired by some sort of religious extremist belief is quite plausible.”

Quite plausible, old chap? Quite plausible, you say? Well, let’s not jump to any conclusions simply because some Koran-quoting maniac carrying two bloody knives has just cut off a man’s head. Maybe he had trouble at home.

Anyway, look on the bright side. “There are always going to be these incidents and thankfully they are limited to the death of a few people,” Barrett continued, “which is clearly much better than attacking a transport system or flying two planes into the Twin Towers.”

You have to get up … in the morning to sneak anything past this bloke. Even better was Lord Carlile, a former Liberal Democrat MP who seems a perfect caricature of weak western weaseldom. “We have to learn proportionate lessons from what has occurred,” he told the BBC a few hours after the killing.

It sincerely chaps my ass when the press goes into blame the victim mode. The inevitable visitation of ‘perhaps it’s something we did’ theme comes around the corner along with an interview with CAIR whining about the Islamophobes out there who dare point out this was Jihad – again. Yes.. AGAIN. Yet somehow the press are always baffled.

Dear Press, remove heads from asses. THIS IS JIHAD. This is not the fault of anyone BUT the terrorist:


Well it has to be Islamophobia’s fault, right? It’s the haters of Islam, not the hateful Islam itself which is to blame. Islam is the religion of Peace and Tolerance in so much as there is peace if you tolerance for Islam as it hacks, bombs, shoots, hangs, riots and stones its way across the world. I’m sorry, but was 9/11 not a big enough $#%ing sign for people?!

At this point, I’m certain there is a liberal reading this gasping in horror, “what a hateful Islamophobe this person is!” It’s not hate dear liberal, it’s called acknowledging the truth. That truth is also that not every single Muslim out there believes in such violence. In acknowledging that truth, one must also realize that non-violent Muslims are a minority.

I have Muslim friends. I’ve had this very conversation with them and have asked them, why don’t you stand up to jihad and the violence? The answer across the board is a variation of ‘we don’t want to die’ or ‘we have family back in where ever, they’ll be murdered’. Those who do speak out are immediately labeled as Islamophobes, shunned and ridiculed — despite the message they carry and how credible they are.

Let me cut the hand-wringers off here, because the inevitable, “but… but… CRUSADES! Christians are violent too!” line is likely coming next. Horseshit. Anyone who has even a glimmer of knowledge of history knows the Crusades began as a reaction to violence not a provocation of it. Start reading around 1095 and Pope Urban II, The Council of Clermont and read through the 7th Crusade ending in 1254 or take a shortcut and hit Robert Spencer’s book. It’s a condensed version, but accurate. In fact, if you look at most interaction since the Crusades, it’s been people of various faiths all over the world reacting to Muslim aggression. This is the biggest lie ever perpetrated: that someone else is to blame for Jihad.

It’s time again for The Big Speech. NSFW language, but spot on as only Miller can be:

[youtube=] Continue reading

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NCGA House Passes Bill Banning Foreign Law

In the North Carolina General Assembly this week, HB 695 was passed by a vote of 69-42. The bill is entitled ‘Foreign Laws/Protect Constitutional Rights’. The long title is ‘An act to protect rights and privileges granted under the United States and North Carolina Constitutions in the application of foreign law’. In short, the bill states that the laws of the United States and North Carolina supersede that of foreign law introduced into the court system. For deeper detail, read the full text of HB 695. The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration.

There was a bit of mocking done regarding this bill by local media and on Twitter. Sharia, Islamic law, was automatically assigned to the bill in coverage of it, even though the term does not appear in the text. It was a reasonable assumption though, since multiple states have passed similar legislation and the target was to block Sharia law. I don’t know that I would have run with that as the title, like Laura Leslie of WRAL did:

Sharia Law ban in House Thursday – By Laura Leslie Continue reading

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Incompetence or Failed October Surprise?

The lies coming out of the White House on the embassy attacks are piling up, mainly surrounding the attack in Benghazi which took the lives of four Americans – one being Ambassador Stevens.

The White House, Susan Rice, Jay Carney… they keep pushing the angle this was about a movie. The media are their accomplices in this lie, but even they are starting to question things. The White House had that ‘it’s the movie’ response ready to go from the moment the news broke and continue to push that response. Obama was apparently not very worried since he hit the hay that night and didn’t bother to stay up and see what happened as our consulate burned. Obama continued to push the movie at the U.N this week, were he told the world that “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” This administration hauled off the filmmaker (or rather trailer maker) for ‘involuntary questioning’ and then yesterday arrested him. We have yet to get details on what the charges are. So much for Free Speech in Obama’s America.

Over at Creeping Sharia, someone has a similar theory they are carefully constructing which mirrors my own musings. This ‘random’ video, made by a not so Coptic man as it turns out, lands on Egyptian TV just as the U.S. Presidential election heads into the debates before election day. No one here has heard of it or the maker until the riots break out in Cairo. No knows who this guy really is right now…except for the government.

From Creeping:

Counterterror chief’s company linked to “Innocence of Muslims” video

The more Obama and his team blame the movie, and now they’ve arrested the purported producer of the video, the easier it is to believe it was intentional. via Douglas J. Hagmann at the Northeast Intelligence Network h/t to the reader who left the link in comments

Body of lies from Benghazi to Barack Continue reading

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The Friday Focus

Free Speech In Obama’s America Edition

Conor Friedersdorf has a column up at the Atlantic which partly inspired this post. In it, he makes the case for why he is refusing to vote for Barack Obama. It’s a well laid out article, but the thrust of it is what spurred me to open this edition of the Friday Focus with it. That thrust being the media, liberals and Democrats all ignoring the activities they do not like about this President. An excerpt:

How can you vilify Romney as a heartless plutocrat unfit for the presidency, and then enthusiastically recommend a guy who held Bradley Manning in solitary and killed a 16-year-old American kid? If you’re a utilitarian who plans to vote for Obama, better to mournfully acknowledge that you regard him as the lesser of two evils, with all that phrase denotes.

But I don’t see many Obama supporters feeling as reluctant as the circumstances warrant.

The whole liberal conceit that Obama is a good, enlightened man, while his opponent is a malign, hard-hearted cretin, depends on constructing a reality where the lives of non-Americans — along with the lives of some American Muslims and whistleblowers — just aren’t valued. Alternatively, the less savory parts of Obama’s tenure can just be repeatedly disappeared from the narrative of his first term, as so many left-leaning journalists, uncomfortable confronting the depths of the man’s transgressions, have done over and over again.

Please do read the whole thing.

Now, how does this tie in to the title of this edition ‘Free Speech in Obama’s America’? Let’s start with Obama’s recent speech at the U.N., which when you boil it down is summed up in one line:

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” – Barack Obama, U.N. Address September 2012 Continue reading

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Movie Excuse Cinema

Flashback to 2011, the film FITNA was apparently only riot worthy in Belgium and not really worthy of murdering anyone. Geert Wilders was tried for committing Hate Speech in his home country but was acquitted. Remember that when you see this image.


Related Reading:


Nakoula Arrest Photoshops: Best of the Best Continue reading

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