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You’re On a List

It’s not often you see your name in lights, and seldom can you see it in shadow -LS Recognition should be celebrated and it’s humbling when a story you post is received in a positive manner. It’s an affirmation of … Continue reading

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Calling Out Montel Williams

Hypocrisy is a dish that at best has no intellectual nutritional value, and at worst poisons all future meals you wish to serve in my opinion. It is something that should never be brought to the table and if presented … Continue reading

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App on Student Devices used to store Inappropriate Photos from NC Teacher

The push for more technology in the classroom and the idea of one device for every student is all the rage in Education circles right now.

As recently reported by this site, former North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue who co-founded the organization DigiLearn recently gave an interview to EducationN in which she raved about technology in the classroom. [Read: Former Gov Perdue Continues Digital Learning Push Despite Research Warnings]

In the interview, Perdue was quoted as saying, “[Digital learning] totally can wipe away the divide that’s existed in education and training for all of our lives.”

Well, now there’s a new divide. One that’s been erected by the technology and the ‘every student gets a device’ wave.

Want to hide inappropriate images your teacher sent you? There’s an app for that. Continue reading

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