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You’re On a List

It’s not often you see your name in lights, and seldom can you see it in shadow -LS Recognition should be celebrated and it’s humbling when a story you post is received in a positive manner. It’s an affirmation of … Continue reading

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Social Justice Is Crowding Out Actual Academics Using Our Tax Dollars

I’ve been pointing out over the last few years how Social Justice is trumping actual academics in our nation’s public schools and how Common Core has become a vehicle to increase the level of it.

I’ve highlighted it in my own state of North Carolina, but over in Missouri there is a Superintendent actually promoting it on Twitter. Continue reading

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Vote Protecting or Vote Harassing? – #NCpol #NCBOE

Those ‘non-partisan advocates for clean elections’ are back.

Now they want you to sign up to be a ‘vote protector’. Honestly, this looks more like ‘vote harasser’ to me. Check out Democracy NC’s latest Big Brother at the Polls campaign…

Continue reading

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