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NCSPIN Re-Runs N&O Op Ed Smearing Parents

Another day, another N&O anonymous Op-ed smearing those who oppose Common Core. More Common Core Shutuppery from our media. Gotta love it.

You can read it at NCSPIN. I won’t send the traffic to the N&O. Here’s my response (below), which I also posted in the comments of the NCSPIN piece.

I’ve added some hyperlinks where relevant.
Begin Comment:

Another Anonymous N&O Op ed likely written by the Chamber of Commerce for them in which they demonize parents, students and teachers who see the Common Core for what it is: a flawed set of experimental standards.

MEMO TO N&O: This isn’t Right or Left. This isn’t the Tea Party. One of my friends involved in this is as Liberal as they come and she LOATHES Common Core. This movement includes people from all walks of life and ideologies and we’re sick of our own news outlets smearing us.

Let me know how that “tea party is racist” label you are attempting to put on your readership works out for ya?

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Not The Onion: The White Privilege Conference

“The White Privilege Conference”. You read that headline correctly. Here’s a sample of what was presented, including teachers promoting political activism in the classroom to combat racism and their ‘white guilt’ and the continued smear job of the Tea Party by noted far leftist, Leondard Zeskind. Oh and yes, there are ties to our own racist decrying, defacto leader of the NC Democrat party, Reverend Barber.
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#DM7 Article: Racism Wrapped In A Preachers Collar

On February 8th, downtown will host to the annual HK on J march (Historic Thousands on Jones Street). The NC NAACP holds it every year. This year they are calling it a “people’s assembly”, which reminds me of Occupy in a few ways. Given the recent racist remarks about black conservatives from NC NAACP’s Reverend Barber, one has to wonder what he will say next to top it.
Come for the vitriol and rhetoric, stay for the arrests… or something. Continue reading

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#HarryReidsShutDown Closes Private NC Business Because… PAIN.

This Administration has jumped the shark with its attempt to bring pain during the shut down. These ‘painful’ shut downs are similar to the farcical attempts at drama made by this administration and Democrats during Obama’s Sequester. We’ve heard from all sorts of politicans in NC on the shut down except one:

It’s been 5 days since @SenKayHagan’s last tweet. She wants to keep her head down as #Obamacare implodes during Obama/Reid #Shutdown. #NCSen

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) October 6, 2013

Breitbart has a nice list of some of the things being dramatically shut down by the administration which include blocking out sports events for our overseas troops and attempting to close privately funded Mt. Vernon. Here are some of the others you may not have seen, courtesy of ConMom: Continue reading

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In my inbox just now, Kay Hagan’s rhetoric is astounding and is apparently adopting the ‘Tea Party Shut Down’ branding attempt. Last time I checked, the Senate and White House were controlled by the Democrats, Kay.

Clearly, given this unhelpful and divisive rhetoric, the people of NC are right when 56% of them say NC needs someone other than Kay Hagan in the Senate.
The subject line of this email? “A strategy perfect for 5 Year Olds.”

Here’s the email: Continue reading

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#IRS Scandal Conservative Groups Hearing Roundup

Yesterday multiple Conservative groups who were targeted by the IRS gave testimony in front of the House Ways and Means Committee. The details revealed were both horrifying and chilling as well as a testament to how out of control our government and this administration are.

All of the testimony given should be required viewing, especially that of Becky Gerritson. Thanks to The Right Scoop for capturing it and many of the videos linked further down in this post. Watch:


One of the most appalling moments we’ve seen in these IRS related hearings came from Rep. McDermott, where he blamed the Conservative groups for being targeted by applying for tax exempt status in the first place. Watch: Continue reading

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I Am Your Worst Nightmare

Open Letter to America:

Call me a monster if you wish, I am quite large after all. Funny how when no one is paying attention to how appearances can change. Anyhow, thought I would drop you a note with just a taste of what I have done, what I can do, and what I may do. Keep it on the down low, but I gotta tell ya….I am your worst nightmare.

Here is my resume..

I can go after your beliefs, and your traditions. Nothing will be sacred to me. I will make you to “see it my way” because “it’s for you own good” oh, and if you don’t, I will attack you, belittle you, shame you. You are in the way.

You can speak out about me if you want, however, be careful, because I can hear everything you say. I am everywhere. Don’t think for a moment that my true believers wont root you out. Don’t speak against me.

If you dissent, or oppose me, (do you really want to go there?) I can send out my minions to degrade you, smear you, and discredit you . You will be considered the lowest of human beings. It is in my best interest that I do this. Then, if you continue to defy me, I may keep you from having any platform for you to speak on. You will have no way of getting out any of your views. I will make sure of that. I will take away your ability to learn anything of value. I can make your life a living hell. I will silence you.

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