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Civitas Poll: NC Voters Pick Trump Over Clinton In Nearly Every Category

Civitas Institute released its most recent poll results this week. The results show Trump beating Clinton in the Tarheel state in nearly every category. In a question asking who voters would currently be likely to vote for, Trump beat Clinton by four points
The results showed Trump lagging in two main areas — temperament and the ability to respond to an international crisis. Interestingly, voters indicated they believe Trump would handle terrorism better than the Former Secretary of State. In the area of job creation, Trump beat Clinton by 10 points. Continue reading

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New PPP Poll On #HB2 Nearly Identical To Last Poll, Including Dem Heavy Sample

IIn April, Left leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP) did a survey that included HB 2.

I took that poll and had some fun messing with their sample. I also reviewed the results , which said more about parties and zip codes than anything about HB2.

PPP has released a second poll. I have a lay out of all the questions at the bottom of this article. Here are a few tidbits first.

This new poll is very similar to the first one. In fact, the needle really didn’t move much either way from their April poll. HB 2 only lost one point of support from May to April. Continue reading

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Poll Reveals More About Zip Codes, Party Affiliations than #HB2

Just as the estimated 4,000 who turned out to support it Monday.

HB 2 is widely supported, that is, unless you ask Public Policy Polling (PPP). The same PPP who got their poll on Amendment One WAY wrong.

I took that poll. Keep reading.. see what interesting things were in it. Continue reading

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McCrory Still Beating Cooper In Latest Poll – #ncpol #ncgov

A recent Civitas poll has Governor Pat McCrory still head of Roy Cooper, despite McCrory having a much higher job performance disapproval percentage…

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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Wallet Hub Ranking More of a Wallet Flub

As I mentioned in an earlier article, ‘Wallet Hub’ has produced its second education related ranking list. The first Wallet Hub ranking list came out last year and was full of holes, this one is no different. Continue reading

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Poll: Strong Support For NC Opportunity Scholarships

A recent poll by Civitas shows very strong public support for the Opportunity Scholarship program, of which legal arguments about the program are being heard at the North Carolina Supreme Court.

Civitas reported that overall approval for the program stood at 68% with a high percentage of minorities (80%) supporting it.


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NM US Senate Race: Closer Than You Think

Now that the dust has settled, the post-election hang over is gone and the votes have been counted I wish to direct your attention to the New Mexico Senate race. Yes, I know it has been decided, but it was closer than you think.

Incumbent Senator Tom Udall (D) faced off against businessman Allen Weh (R) on November 4th and won. The votes were 286,462 (55.56%) to 229,164 (44.44%).

The sitting Democrat really had nothing to worry about in the blue state of New Mexico. However, looking back into history at the 2008 election results shows a different scenario.

In 2008, Senator Tom Udall, then a 5 term Congressman was running for the Senate seat held by retiring incumbent Pete Domenici (R) against incumbent Congressman Steve Pearce. Ultimately Udall won with 505,128 (61.3%) to Pearce’s 318,522 (38.7%).

In 2008, the Democrats swept most the senate seats to gain a super majority. We all know this history. New Mexico would be considered a lost cause in 08. When asked if the NRSC would be walking away from the New Mexico Race (it was heavily favored to flip Democratic), Senator John Ensign stated to the Wall Street Journal:

“You don’t waste money on races that don’t need it or you can’t win.”


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