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Saudi Person Of Interest’s GITMO Ties

The Boston Marathon bombing has found some closure with the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Stories are running non-stop on he and his brother, Tamerlan, as more information on the pair comes to light. We’d like to return to the original ‘person of interest’, a Saudi national that was being questioned in the hospital after being injured by the blast at the finish line.

Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi is being called the ‘catch and release’ person of interest for a variety of reasons not tied to the actual bombing, but due to his visa, being on the No-Fly list, and apparently was classified with a 212 3B terrorist status by DHS. The Blaze has the details and key points laid out:

For the past week, Glenn Beck has been investigating a Saudi national once identified as a “person of interest” in the Boston Marathon bombing. The story has taken a number of alarming twists and turns, but on his radio program Wednesday, Beck released some of the most interesting information yet.

But first, here are a few background points on how the case developed:

A Saudi national originally identified as a “person of interest” in the Boston Marathon bombing was set to be deported under section 212, 3B — “Security and related grounds” — “Terrorist activities” after the bombing on April 15
TheBlaze received word that the government may not deport the Saudi national — identified as Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi — as the story gained traction on April 18.
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano refused to answer questions on the subject by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) on Capitol Hill on April 18, saying the inquiry was “so full of misstatements and misapprehension that it’s just not worthy of an answer.”
An ICE official said April 18 that a different Saudi national is in custody, but that he is “in no way” connected to the bombings.
Key congressmen of the Committee on Homeland Security request a classified briefing with Napolitano on April 22
New info provided to TheBlaze reveals Alharbi’s file was altered on the evening of April 17 to disassociate him from the initial charges
Sources say April 22 that the Saudi’s student visa specifically allows him to go to school in Findlay, Ohio, though he appears to have an apartment in Boston, Mass. A DHS official told TheBlaze Alharbi properly transferred his student visa to a school in Massachusetts.
TheBlaze sources reveal April 22 that Alharbi was put on a terror watchlist after the bombing, andNapolitano confirmed on April 23 that he was briefly on a “watchlist”
There is quite a bit more at The Blaze, be sure to read the whole thing. ConMom has a link-around on Alharbi that might also prove interesting reading.

Gateway Pundit has the White House visitor log showing someone with the same name visiting the White House multiple times. The White House says it is a different Alharbi with the same name and initials. Probably a coincidence, but admittedly a creepy one given the First Lady was seemingly photographed visiting Alharbi in the hospital.

Also of note, though it might mean nothing, is the Facebook Page belonging to Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi bears that name on the cover, but the link to it gives a different last name. Here is the web address to it:

AlSulaimi? Could be nothing, but it bears following up on.

We’d like to turn your attention now to the alleged ties of the Boston Alharbi to the prisoners in GITMO bearing the same clan name of Alharbi. Liberty Speaks ran down the list of names that came from Walid Shoebat’s blog via Creeping Sharia:

Then you have Al-Harbi clan members in Gitmo:

Salim Salman Awadallah Al-Sai’di Al-Harbi
Majid Abdullah Hussein Al-Harbi
Muhammad Abdullah Saqr Al-Alawi Al-Harbi
Ghanem Abdul Rahman Ghanem Al-Harbi
Muhammad Atiq Uwaid Al-Awfi Al-Harbi

Liberty Speaks found that all of these detainees have been repatriated, according to the Guantanamo Justice Centre:

Salim Salman Awadallah Al-Sai’di Al-Harbi ISN 57: Repatriated to Saudi Arabia in December 16th, 2006
Majid Abdullah Hussein Al-Harbi ISN 158: Repatriated to Saudi Arabia February 20, 2007
Muhammad Abdullah Saqr Al-Alawi Al-Harbi ISN 536: Repatriated to Saudi Arabia February 20, 2007
Ghanem Abdul Rahman Ghanem Al-Harbi ISN 516: Repatriated to Saudi Arabia July 15th, 2007
Muhammad Atiq Uwaid Al-Awfi Al-Harbi ISN 333: Repatriated to Saudi Arabia Nov. 9th, 2007
Liberty Speaks also found a 6th that was not on the original list from the Creeping Sharia article referenced above:

6. Tariq Sallah Hassan Al Harbi ISN 265: Repatriated to Saudi Arabia June 24th, 2006

Also of note, Obama had a meeting with Saudi Foreign Minister two days after the bombing, but kept it off his public schedule – suggesting it was impromptu. The White House said it was a meeting regarding Syria. Tom Donilon, the National Security Advisor was present.
There’s something very off about all of this — off and unsettling. Did this Alharbi person have something to do with what happened in Boston or was he just in the wrong place at the right time, which put him under the microscope and ultimately exposing there are serious issues with our immigration and visa system?
Continue reading

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It’s A ‘Let’s Move!’ MIRACLE!

Did you hear? Just a mere two years after the First Lady’s “Let’s Move!” initiative was started, childhood obesity is reversing course! It’s a miracle! All that strong arming of businesses, restaurants and schools is paying off!

The Weekly Standard has this headline ‘White House Credits ‘Let’s Move’ for Halting and Reversing Childhood Obesity Trend’. Here’s the only line in the whole thing that matters:

The press release does not include any data to bolster the claim.

Data? We don’t need no stinkin’ data! This is coming from the White House, there is no need to question it! They have nothing to hide and are the most transparent administration in history, after all. Just look at the EPA for example… well, o.k. maybe not the EPA. How about the White House itself? Oh, Oops…time to fire up the newly reorganized community organizing propaganda machine and spin, spin, spin!

Let’s look at some of the recent Great Moments in Transparency:

White House Fails To Meet Sequestration Transparency Act Deadline
Obama Fails to Deliver Transparency as Cabinet Defies Requests
Obama aide sent lobbyists private email
Obama: Have I mentioned this is the most transparent WH in history lately?

The reality is that perhaps obesity rates have declined a bit, but one can just as easily attribute that to the new levels of grinding poverty and children going hungry as the reason the numbers might be tipping.

Hey, where’s my data supporting that claim? I could just tell you to take my word for it, works for the White House right? Nah, I won’t do that but instead point you to an indicator from one of the biggest retailers in the world: Wal-Mart.


“In case you haven’t seen a sales report these days, February MTD sales are a total disaster,” Jerry Murray, Wal- Mart’s vice president of finance and logistics, said in a Feb. 12 e-mail to other executives, referring to month-to-date sales. “The worst start to a month I have seen in my ~7 years with the company.”

Oh, dear. Now why might that be? Drop in share value is one but the other is the consumer. The kind of consumer which counts on low prices on goods and food to keep their families afloat. Should this freak us out? Meghan McArdle seems to think if things for Wal-mart do not improve, that answer is ‘yes’.

Bloomberg continues:

Customers’ Wallet

Higher payroll taxes “go against our customers’ wallet,” Family Dollar Chief Executive Officer Howard Levine said on a Jan. 3 conference call. “Clearly, they do not have as much for discretionary purchases than they did.”

Wal-Mart’s Geiger in his e-mail urged employees to improve business by “fixing something that could really make a difference to our performance.” He quoted Tim Yatsko, the company’s executive vice president of global sourcing, saying: “We need to ‘stop the stupid.’”

Wal-Mart U.S. CEO Bill Simon said during a Feb. 1 officers meeting, the minutes of which were attached to Geiger’s e-mail, that the troubled economy leaves little room for internal errors.

“In an environment like this, we can’t afford to hurt ourselves,” Simon said, according to the minutes. “Self- inflicted wounds are our biggest risk and our toughest enemy.”

Payroll taxes returning to their original levels plus the increase in gas prices are pinching the heck out of the average citizen’s wallet. Now, factor in the cost of food and energy have been rising as well, and you have a lot of people buying less and eating less – in the dark perhaps. To be fair, this spending has been dropping for a number of years while hunger levels (See p.41) have been increasing each year. Carpe Diem noted back in 2009:

In the entire history of the U.S., it’s only been in the last eight years that the percent of income spent on food for Americans was in single digits – since 2000 it’s been below 10%. In all previous years, spending on food was in double-digits, and in most years from 1929 to 1952 it was above 20%. Consider that in 1932, spending on food at home took almost 22% of disposable income, compared to the record low of only 5.6% in 2008. Food has never been more affordable than today, as a share of income.

In 2008, despite the “Great Recession,” total spending on food as a share of disposable personal income fell to 9.6%, reaching the lowest level ever recorded in U.S. history. And since spending on food as a share of income is lower in the U.S. than in any other country, the 9.6% share of income spent on food in the U.S. for 2008 is probably the lowest ever in the history of the world.

Now, contrast this with the current data on food spending via the US Census where costs for a family of four jumped roughly $2.00 from 2009 to 2010 on the ‘thrifty plan’, as seen below:

It doesn’t take charts and tables for the average person out there to realize the cost of food has been rising. Anyone who hits a grocery store can tell you that. Just the other day, I paid the same amount for a gallon of gas as I did for a gallon of whole milk: $3.89. If you really want some interesting numbers though, check out The Food Timeline. The Corn Flakes and Oreo sections paint the picture of how prices have increased exponentially over the last 50 or so years.

This grand proclamation, void of any data, points more to an attempt to rehab the First Lady’s image and that of this administration than it does to any real change in obesity.

Related Reading from LL1885:

The Vending Machine Problem.
First Hamburglar ditches ‘Let’s Move’; Children Rejoice
A message from the High Priestess of The Food Desert…
First Hamburglar Strikes Again; Soda Ban Praise, Mickey Mouse Eats Carrots
My Vindication On Mythical Food Deserts. Continue reading

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The Vending Machine Problem.

We have a huge problem facing our schools today. I am SO glad President Obama is right on top of this. I have no idea how many children have been victimized by these horrific monsters to date but it is definitely time to go after them. It’s the biggest and most important concern we can have for our children in schools today…
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First Hamburglar ditches ‘Let’s Move’; Children Rejoice

Via White House Dossier: Let’s Stop! Michelle Abandons “Let’s Move” Campaign Excerpt:

Michelle’s exit from the Let’s Move campaign coincided with growing reports and a widely circulated satirical video alleging that the new food guidelines were leaving children hungry. The bad publicity clashed with President Obama’s efforts to stir support among young voters for his candidacy. Many of Obama’s campaign events were held at high schools – presumably among students who might have been attending rallies on relatively empty stomachs.

Anyone who has followed my blog for the last few years knows my abject disdain for the First Hamburglar and her mythological Food Deserts. I doubt she’s totally dropped ‘Let’s Move’ bit and fully expect to see her focus become an all out assault on restaurants and food sellers.

Before anyone gets their panties is in a twist and screams, “What do you have against healthy eating!? You must want kids to be fat and I bet you punch kittens too!”, let me explain something: I am all for healthy eating, raising awareness and educational drives — but forcing businesses to become extensions of a Liberal Nanny state is nothing more than political correctness in physical form. Now hear this, Mrs. Obama — I will decide what I put in my body or what my kids eat. Period. Perhaps you should do the same.



Checking my Mooch Crystal Boob Belt Ball, I predict:

A push at restaurants for smaller portions (but they will charge us the same anyway), lowered salt in food, lowered fat in food, limits on soda. She’s already made it happen at Disney World, strong armed the Darden food chain and bullied McDonald’s… why not expand?

Food sellers like grocery stores and big box clubs offering groceries (Wal-Mart, Target etc) will get squeezed too. Watch her demand limiting various junk foods, cookies, chips and other goodies. This of course cuts into the bottom line of the store and of the manufacturers of such items, which in turn costs you and I more at the stores *allowed* to carry them or who defy The High Priestess of the Food Desert.

Not to be left out: Farms. Her husband has already caused some havoc there and I am sure FLOTUS is up to the task of finishing the job. Guns schmunz. Control the food, control the populace. (Also Read: Obama Admin announces “Rural Council” ) Continue reading

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A message from the High Priestess of The Food Desert…

And now a message from our High Priestess of The Food Desert… Taste the hypocrisy of my “Competitive Food”:

Cookie champ: Michelle wins bake-off over Ann

Slim margin there, Michelle. Interesting to note our High Priestess used only black and white chips, whereas Ann Romney used a wide array of colors with M&M’s.

(H/T Sarah Hoyt at Instapundit) Continue reading

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You see, at the end of the day, my most important title is still “mom-in-chief.” – Michelle Obama, DNC Speech 2012

Mom-in-chief? NANNY-in-Chief is more like it, or possibly Secretary of Busy Bodies, Director of Meddling or Commander-in-Boob Belts.

But I digress already… sigh.

Let me start out by saying I did not watch it live. I refused to waste my time last night when reading to my kids and catching up on sleep were the better options. I caught parts of it and read the transcript this morning. Her speech summed up in a word: MEH. It was too long, her sincerity was laughable – the inflections sounding just like any other stump speech she has given. It was trite and packed with the most gag inducing lies. The best part of it was her dress, for once. Continue reading

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FLOTUS Fundraises in Raleigh, NC on Chik-Fil-A Appreciation Day

The only reason I knew the FLOTUS was in Raleigh was a report by ABC-11 that caught my eye. The big story today was Chik-Fil-A and the huge support shown to them with lines of cars and people all day long wherever the chain has stores. Only 2,200 showed up for her big FORWARD stump speech in Greensboro. Kind of sad to be upstaged by chicken. Maybe that was a good thing though, given her sporting some prison striped frock. The other outfit was a mustard yellow and black print number – not unlike the other drapery style dresses we’ve seen on her so often. But I digress…
The FLOTUS was well taken care of in Raleigh though, Bev Perdue II since Lt. Governor Walter Dalton was there and pretty excited. We’ll have to take his word there were a lot of people and a lot of enthusiasm since no the press was kept out. According to the video that accompanies the story, there were about 400 people there (again, we don’t know for sure since press weren’t let inside) and that it cost anywhere between $250 to $50,000 a plate.

Here’s a snippet of ABC 11’s report, emphasis mine: Continue reading

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