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NC Secretary of State Elaine Marshall Granted Notary Public Commissions to Illegal Aliens

Representative Chris Millis (R-17) has leveled serious charges the North Carolina Secretary of State, Elaine Marshall, which include granting over 250 notary public commissions to illegal aliens. Continue reading

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Stolen Lives Quilt: Honoring Lives Stolen By Illegal Immigrants

While most were waving American Flags or ones with President Trump’s name on them, another group of people were holding banners of another kind – ones about stolen lives. Continue reading

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PVC Six Update: Protester Votes In Durham Despite Miami, FL Mailing Address – #ncpol

One of the PVC Six has a serious problem. Not only does she work for the uber-liberal attack group, Blueprint NC, but it looks like she may have voted illegally this past week.

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Supt. Ann Clark: Hey Illegals, Sure You Can Volunteer in #CMS Schools – #nced #ncga

Supt. Ann Clark, who was installed when Heath Morrison was arguably forced to resign after sketchy activities started to surface, has made it clear she plans to bail after her current temporary term is up.

What started with Morrison is being carried out by Clark. She has given her blessing to letting illegal immigrants volunteer in Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools.

Don’t expect to read opposing parental views in this article, WBTV didn’t bother. You can hit the comments though, where push back has begun.

WBTV reported; emphasis added: Continue reading

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When Sanctuary City Proponents Attack? – #hb318 #ncpol

Have the opinion that Sanctuary cities are bad policy, get your business, staff and family threatened.

Dr. Rosemary Fernandez Stein, a latino woman, dared to have such an opinion and that is exactly what happened. Folks, fight back by hitting her donation page.

Via Facebook, here is what she reported and included a Spanish translation below the original: Continue reading

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