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Leftist Activist Group Ignores Reality, Says NC is “Suffering from Tax Reform.”

Common Core math. The struggle is real.
Left-wing activist group Progress NC Action is in serious denial when it comes to NC tax reform judging by their latest “Tax Priorities Tour” email (below).
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Retired NC History Teacher’s Epic Fail on #HB2

If you didn’t see the Charlotte Observer today, consider yourself lucky. You might have lost IQ points reading this one.

A “retired CMS history teacher” alleges that there were transgender civil war soldiers, therefore HB2 is an insult to “common sense”.

No, I’m not kidding. Continue reading

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Durham Councilwoman’s Comments On Guns Not That Shocking – #ncpol

Many outlets, including The Blaze, are running a story about remarks made on Facebook by Durham Councilwoman Jillian Johnson.

Johnson’s comments about guns are not that shocking if you have a clue who she is and what she stands for. Does no one Google anymore?

Johnson is no stranger to protests and arrests. She’s an activist first and foremost. Continue reading

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Are NC Schools providing guidance and appropriate role models? – #HB2 #ncga

Get your coffee. Sit down. This is going to be a long but necessary article.

Social Justice FactoriesUntil parents stand up and push back, the infusion of social justice BS and indoctrination will continue to crowd out actual academics in our schools. I believe this plays a major role of why school choice, in particular, homeschooling, is booming.
– A.P. Dillon Continue reading

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ICYMI: David Gergen Goes Full SJW In Elon Commencement Speech [Video]

What follows down below is a shameful, disgusting, SJW and politically motivated soapbox moment. This is an event to be celebrating the students, not one man’s idiotic, misinformed and biased personal diatribe.

Stay Classy, Mr. Gergen. I’m not sure who you think you’re kidding. You claim to be a Republican but it’s painfully clear from just Googling your name that you’re the squishy Lindsey Graham kind.

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Cyndi Lauper Forces Fans To Donate To Gay Rights Group Via Ticket Purchase

Cyndi Lauper wants to make sure all people are equal. By forcing you to pay for her beliefs.

Dear Ms. Lauper…

It’s one thing for you to want to give to a charity, Ms. Lauper, but it’s quite another to force fans who may or may not disagree with you to be the ones paying that charity. That’s what you’ve just done by allegedly giving 100% of the profits of your show to Equality NC .
You say you want equality for all people, yet you’ve made it mandatory that a fan paying for a ticket subsidize your personal beliefs. There is no regular ticket option. Only an agenda tied one. You are a hypocrite. Continue reading

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Elementary Music Teacher’s Op Ed Only Missing A Cross To Nail Himself To

Meet Clinton Wright.

He is currently a music teacher at Durham Academy, where tuition is apparently over $21,000 a year.

Mr. Wright is also apparently a social justice warrior .

Mr. Wright volunteered to be arrested at Moral Monday on April 25th in protest of HB2. Continue reading

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