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Taxpayer Funded Anti-Semitism at UNC Chapel Hill Conference

Your tax dollars recently subsidized anti-semitic rap performance that was allegedly the ‘entertainment’ portion of a ‘Gaza conference’ hosted by UNC-Chapel Hill and co-sponsored by Duke University. Continue reading

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Society’s New Colored Lens Isn’t Rose

Just some Liberty Speaks musings that popped up over the weekend regarding our current social environment. 

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SPLC has become what they started out fighting against.

SPLC has become what they started out fighting against. They have become a hate group. But they are a well-funded hate group.

The ‘non-profit’ has raked in millions, paid their executives huge salaries and in recent years has been shuffling their money to offshore bank accounts.  That’s not sketchy at all. 

Via Reason, John Stossel calls the SPLC what it has become – a scam. Continue reading

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You’re On a List

So who or what is deciding an account should be “shadow banned” for lack of a better term? Is it an algorithm that searches for keywords? Is it based on user reports? Followers? Interactions? TOS violations? Twitter, after all, is notorious for suspending accounts for TOS violations, yet other accounts doing the exact same thing remain unscathed. I really could go on, but I digress. Continue reading

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Are NC Schools providing guidance and appropriate role models? – #HB2 #ncga

Get your coffee. Sit down. This is going to be a long but necessary article.

Social Justice FactoriesUntil parents stand up and push back, the infusion of social justice BS and indoctrination will continue to crowd out actual academics in our schools. I believe this plays a major role of why school choice, in particular, homeschooling, is booming.
– A.P. Dillon Continue reading

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Judge Merrick Garland: UBL Images and Benghazi Video Excuse

Since President Obama still has a “laundry list” of legacy issues for the remainder of his term, we are compiling our own laundry list of information on SCOTUS nominee Judge Merrick Garland of the US Court of Appeals for the District … Continue reading

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HB2 Lawsuit’s Poster Boy

In case you missed it, the ACLU, Equality NC, Lambda Legal and several citizen plaintiffs are suing the state over HB2.

I broke down some of the points made in the plaintiff’s case and pointed out the plaintiffs themselves were admitting transgenderism is really a classified mental disorder (gender dysphoria) and their case doesn’t even address the requirements of biological sex in HB2.

In other words, their case is built on feelings, comfort and desire of the transgender person, not biology.

Meet Hunter Shaffer, one of the plaintiffs of the HB2 lawsuit. According to Lamdba Legal, “Hunter was diagnosed with gender dysphoria in the ninth grade.”

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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