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Rubio Campaign Channeling Leeeeeeerooooooy Jenkins – #CruzCrew

The latest attacks on Ted Cruz by the Rubio campaign seem to be invoking the Leeroy Jenkins strategy. That is to say, rushing into things before really thinking it through.

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Duncan to Ellmers: Hypocritical Much? – #NC02

Shots fired in NC-02.

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Now THAT’S One Use For PVC Pipe… – #ncpol #hb318

Last night, a collection of folks decided to use what looks like PVC pipe to chain themselves together in front of the Governor’s mansion.

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‘Just a Teacher’ Omar Currie is Back – #NCed #ParentalRights

‘Just a Teacher’ Omar Currie is Back… and you can see ‘The King’ polish his already enormous ego for the paltry fee of just $35. Continue reading

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For the LULZ… Founding Member of Hope Street Group Attempts Trolling. Fails.

One has to laugh when a founding member of an alleged ‘education non-profit’ attempts to troll someone for exposing them as Bill Gates backed Common Core shills.

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NC NAACP and “Climate Justice”

Climate needs justice, ya’ll.

It was an all-star line-up event that includes celebrities like Moby and Natasha Bedingfield.

And no one heard anything about it. Heh.

Included in the entertainment line-up was Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, of course.

Who is paying for this, by the way?

Via Press Release:

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Dare You Not To LOL

I dare you not to LOL.
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