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NCGA Forms School Safety Committee

In the wake of the Parkland, Florida shooting protecting our schools from violence is in the mind of North Carolina legislators. Continue reading

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NCGA Democrat Teams Up With Group Tied To Hillary Clinton, Fusion GPS Law Firm

WRAL put up an article over the weekend about NC General Assembly Rep. Graig Meyer teaming up with the Future Now Fund.
It’s a very vanilla article and per usual, the incurious WRAL left out a key fact. Continue reading

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The Silent Sam Stupid Is Back – #ncga

The Democrat Representative who claimed a bill protecting campus free speech was an “extreme agenda” now is pushing a bill to move a Confederate statue on the UNC Chapel Hill campus to a “safe place”. Continue reading

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Son of Major #NCGA Democrat Arrested For DUI, NC Media Issue Zero Stories

The son of a major Democrat at the NC General Assembly was arrested for DUI on Friday at around 1:40 pm. 

Not only is Dan Blue III the son of a sitting NC state house senator, he also ran for state treasurer in 2016.

This is newsworthy.  

So where is the news? Continue reading

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N&O Runs Headline Quote From Transvaginal Wand Waver – #ncpol

What is it with NC media using the most radical person they can find and quoting them like they are Johnny or Janie Smith?
Latest case in point – The News and Observer running with a quote from LGBT activist/Occupy Defender/Transvaginal wand waver, Deb Butler.  Continue reading

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