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I posted this yesterday, but it bears re-posting.


Four days from now, the nation decides the 45th President of the United States. Our family does not have a lot of money to support our choice between the two paths in front of us. That is why I’ll be volunteering for Romney here in Raleigh tomorrow afternoon. Voting is the most important thing you can do this election cycle, but ask yourself what else you can do to continue the Mittmentum.

Believe…. and ACT.

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The Friday Focus


Topping the network newscasts: CBS: 24th death in meningitis outbreak; ABC: Hurricane Sandy threat; NBC: Obama interview.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) October 24, 2012


I said this yesterday and will say it again today, the media will bury this story. It is up to the public to communicate the gravity of what happened in Benghazi and how this administration chose to do nothing besides lie about it for weeks. Then came the flip-flip from Jay Carney yesterday:

“The email you’re referring to was an open-source, unclassified email referring to an assertion made on a social media site that everyone in this room had access to and knew about instantaneously.” – Via Michelle Malkin

UH, what??
Flashback September 19th:


This should be front page news on every outlet there is, yet we’re seeing crap about binders, Big bird and bayonets. REALLY?? CBS seems to be the only one really following this front and center, but even they dropped it last night as Knoller’s Tweet shows. When it is covered, the stories are buried on page whatever and do more of covering the White House’s collective asses than reporting the facts. The facts are that multiple emails came through describing the kind of attack going on, the White House knew and they DID NOTHING. They stood by and let it happen.

This scandal is only slightly worse than the media malpractice of not covering it. They want Obama re-elected at all costs – to Hell with reporting the news! Journalists across this country have broken the Golden first rule of journalism: Don’t become the story.

Well, their bias is now the story:

Althouse: The NYT kept the Libya hearing off the front page because “It’s three weeks before the election and it’s a politicized thing…”

From The Anchoress:

Last night, on twitter, I saw members of the press–not bloggers, not new media folk in pajamas but members of the mainstream press, writers from the NY Times and elsewhere, completely ignore breaking news of these emails and the utter collapse of the president’s preferred narrative; they chose to pretend that this story did not exist.

They decided, instead, to expend their energies in an attempt o make ideological hay out of a politician’s clumsy, ill-advised attempt to introduce theological ideas into the public arena. They were going for strident bumper-sticker speech, which is much less threatening, and challenging, than contemplating the age-old question (Book of Job, anyone? Crucifix, anyone?) of whether God sometimes allows evil to happen so that something great may later come of it.

YES!! My God, yes!!

Four Americans are dead, people. This President KNEW within hours of the attack exactly who was responsible and yet ran around the country, talk show circuit and debates LYING about it, as did all of his surrogates. This is an active cover-up. Has been since the night of the attacks.

Now news comes out of Egypt that one of the ‘suspects’ in the Benghazi attack has been killed in some kind of shootout in Cairo. Media? *Crickets* Dear media: This is kind of huge. Is this the same guy the NY Times outed and hasn’t seemingly followed up on? If so, then WOW.

Another has ‘suspect’ has been arrest in Tunisia while trying to enter Turkey with false papers. I see CBS covering it. No other major network that I saw. I give kudos to The Daily Beast on this one.

Useful links to share:

CBS Confirms Obama Lied.

Benghazi-Gate: Debate Lies

White House Responds to CBS Email Dump

Inside Benghazi: “No practical training”

Hey, Where’s Nakoula?

The Friday Focus: Freedom of Speech in Obama’s America Continue reading

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The Friday Focus


Binders Versus Benghazi Edition

Our liberal friends have decided it is better to ignore and mock than to deal with the actual issues once again. The Left has decided to mount another Big Bird attack, this time it’s not a bird but binders. No, really. Binders.

No I am not kidding.

Back story:

During the Hofstra debate, Governor Romney mentioned he had at one time collected names of women to include in possible additions to his cabinet. The line, “Binders full of women” is what is being run with here. He kept all these candidates in binders. Somehow, this was hilarious to the Left and they have begun trying to resurrect their pathetic war on women meme using it. Their attempt to deflect for Obama only draws more attention to the intent of Romney to elevate women.


So…We now have a #WarOnBinders going on. Could the level of childishness get any lower? One has to wonder as the Democrats, Team Obama and the Left attempt to distract from the real take-away from the debate: Candy Crowley and Obama tag-teaming Romney with lies about Benghazi.


It is apparently offensive to the Left that the Governor would have collected resumes of intelligent, qualified women and organized them in binders for the purpose of hiring them for to be part of his cabinet. What is it the Left has against office supplies and giving women jobs? The absurdity is beyond eye rolling. Just ignore that Obama’s own administration has been plagued by its treatment of female staffers. Nothing to see there. Move along.

This campaign has sought to mock, induce fear, smear and spin lie after lie. They have dodged answering questions and chosen to finger point instead. This campaign and the Democrat party is morally and intellectually bankrupt. If you’re asking yourself right now whether you should laugh or cry, the answer is laugh…All the way to the polls. Continue reading

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The Friday Focus

Don’t miss your chance to register to vote. You can get started here: OFA.BO/961vyT

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) September 30, 2012 Continue reading

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The Friday Focus



Last night in Denver, Mitt Romney positively schooled President Obama. It almost made me feel bad for the President — Almost. President Obama was in dire need of being challenged and having his arrogance taken down a notch or two… or fifty. Romney was in total command from the opening question. He knew the numbers, the facts and the laws better than the President, whose ‘uh’s’ and um’s’ became increasingly annoying as the debate wore on. Mitt Romney thrashed President Obama.

We saw the clear choice between the candidates: One is a businessman who has worked his way up and sees the Presidency as a job and another one who is more engaged with the faculty lounge elite than reality, requires a teleprompter as a crutch and who regards the last four years as one celeb filled photo op. The President is one giant walking empty platitude and last night made that a stark reality. He’s about slogans, not solutions. If you doubt that check this out: Obama touts ‘new economic patriotism’ in post-debate Denver rally

New Economic Patriotism? Yes, Dear Leader. We obey. Frankly, that sounds like a new code word for Class Warfare. Keep an eye on the term and the rhetoric that goes with it.

Poor Biden is probably going to have a nervous breakdown before the VP debate next week; Paul Ryan is even better with numbers than Romney.

You can hit my debate Roundup here: #DenverDebate: Romney destroys the #EmptyChair

Here are some more video highlights and clips from Denver: Continue reading

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The Friday Focus

Free Speech In Obama’s America Edition

Conor Friedersdorf has a column up at the Atlantic which partly inspired this post. In it, he makes the case for why he is refusing to vote for Barack Obama. It’s a well laid out article, but the thrust of it is what spurred me to open this edition of the Friday Focus with it. That thrust being the media, liberals and Democrats all ignoring the activities they do not like about this President. An excerpt:

How can you vilify Romney as a heartless plutocrat unfit for the presidency, and then enthusiastically recommend a guy who held Bradley Manning in solitary and killed a 16-year-old American kid? If you’re a utilitarian who plans to vote for Obama, better to mournfully acknowledge that you regard him as the lesser of two evils, with all that phrase denotes.

But I don’t see many Obama supporters feeling as reluctant as the circumstances warrant.

The whole liberal conceit that Obama is a good, enlightened man, while his opponent is a malign, hard-hearted cretin, depends on constructing a reality where the lives of non-Americans — along with the lives of some American Muslims and whistleblowers — just aren’t valued. Alternatively, the less savory parts of Obama’s tenure can just be repeatedly disappeared from the narrative of his first term, as so many left-leaning journalists, uncomfortable confronting the depths of the man’s transgressions, have done over and over again.

Please do read the whole thing.

Now, how does this tie in to the title of this edition ‘Free Speech in Obama’s America’? Let’s start with Obama’s recent speech at the U.N., which when you boil it down is summed up in one line:

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” – Barack Obama, U.N. Address September 2012 Continue reading

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The Friday Focus

Don’t believe the hype. Hype and Change is how the media got Barack Obama elected the first time and it’s how they are straining to get him re-elected now. A lot of my readers write to me worried about polls they see. My response to them: screw the polls.

Why ‘screw the polls’? Because the MSM is using them as a fear and demoralizing tool to leverage their narratives that Romney’s campaign is over or collapsing or in trouble or whatever their adjectives may be. That’s all bullshit and the people know it. The media, however, doesn’t know it. They’re living in a bubble they’ve been trying to extend since 2008. I think you’re going to see a lot of really distraught MSM talking heads on election night when Romney wins (by a healthy margin too) asking things like, “How the $#%@ did this happen?” They don’t realize we’ve tuned them out just like we’ve tuned out Obama. Not everyone across the board has fully tuned out yet, there are still the faithful Obamabots out there. Bottom line is, we know what we see everyday and we don’t see it being reported. Just off the top of my head:
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