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NC Big Media Still Silent on Suit To Remove Keever – #ncpol #ncdems

As previously reported by this site, the larger media outlets in North Carolina have remained silent on the attempts by the African-American Caucus (AAC) of the NC Democratic Party to remove Patsy Keever as party chair.

Media continued to ignore it even after the group filed suit in Wake County.

The only outlet who has reported on this turn of events to date is the Tribune Papers. All four were penned by Roger McCredie. Continue reading

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Durham School Board Member and Black Lives Matter Activist Resigns

As previously reported by this site, the Durham county school board was considering changing their meeting attendance policies in order to accommodate members choosing to engage in activist events over board meetings.

One member in particular, Sendolo Diaminah, had missed 9 of the last 16 meetings. Sendolo was elected in 2014 and claimed at the time he was running because he wanted to ‘represent the community’.

Diaminah, who self describes as a “black, queer communist”, was apparently not representing the community as a member of the board, but instead was too busy traveling and being involved in Black Lives Matter protests.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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Lt. Governor Forest Takes On NC Per Pupil Spending [Video]

Various professional education protest groups (Aim Higher NC and their parent organization, Progress NC) have been up in arms for years about teacher pay and retention.

These protest groups have gone quiet on that issue as the legislature has been steadily increasing both entry-level pay and veteran teacher pay. The legislature has had to do this in order to bridge the gap that was created by the previous administration under Democrat Bev Perdue, who froze teacher pay.

Now these outfits are harping on per pupil funding and supplies teachers buy out of their own pockets. Continue reading

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