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Black Conservative Pastors Stand Behind #HB2

I’ve recapped today’s press conference held by over 50 pastors in NC who came out in support of Governor McCrory and HB2, while decrying the Obama administration for their comparison of transgender access to civil rights.

There is also video of the presser, including questions from the media.

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Social Justice Crowding Out Actual Academics Should Be On The Block For Cuts

Earlier this week, I wrote about how social justice is crowding out actual academics and our tax dollars appear to be funding these endeavors.

I highlighted an individual that is an Asst. Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction in the Kirkwood school district in Missouri, named Bryan Painter.

This article is a little more exploration into Dr. Painter’s social justice agenda.

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NC Common Core Commission Meeting Highlights – 11/13/15

The North Carolina Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC) held its monthly meeting on Friday, November 13th.

Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association has graciously provided minutes from the meeting. In addition to the minutes, I live Tweeted the meeting.


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