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Wake School Board Race Will Use 2011 Maps; 4 Incumbents Run Unopposed

In August, Judge James Dever III ruled that the 2011 maps would have to be used for the 2016 election, however this was an ‘interim’ remedy. Dever’s order leaves room for legislators to take another whack at redistricting when they return to the General Assembly.

As a result of Dever’s ruling, all nine school board seats will be on the ballot in November, however now four are running unopposed. Each of those elected will serve two-year terms and this election is by plurality, meaning there will be no run-off races.


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NC Longitudinal Database Committee Quietly Dissolved and Replaced

A committee formed to bring oversight to the statewide longitudinal database system (SLDS) in North Carolina was recently dissolved.

An August 8th letter from the board’s chair, Keith Werner, called for the dissolution of the board, “per Session law 2016-94 ( Appropriations Act 2016)”. Werner is also the Chief Information Officer of the NC’s Information Technology division. Continue reading

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ICYMI – The NBA are Big, Fat Hypocrites on #HB2

The NBA pulled it’s All-Star game out of Charlotte, North Carolina over House Bill 2 (HB2). The NBA said it was discriminatory to hold their event at an arena where men couldn’t pee alongside women, so they moved it from … Continue reading

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