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CMS Received 200k From Gates For “Strategic Plan”

Apparently, Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools (CMS) received a pile of money from Bill Gates for a “strategic plan” on personalization in the classroom. $200,000 to be exact. That’s a drop in the bucket though. CMS has received $4,403,910 from the Gates foundation to date.

All that ‘one size fits all’ and ‘everyone goes at the same pace’ of Common Core not working out for you Mr. Gates? No, it’s working out just fine, but it needs to be marketed and packaged differently so we need a “strategic plan” to sell it to parents. That’s what this is folks — a new sales pitch of the same old crap.

CMS’s strategic plan is more of the same 21st Century skills propaganda and looks oddly similar to Wake County’s new “strategic plan” right down to that ‘community input’. CMS got Gates to foot the bill for their plan, whereas in Wake county it cost the taxpayer $7k for a website, $7k for a “futurist” to come flap his gums and $45K for company to conduct a survey. Those are just the costs we know about.

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N&O Op-Ed Skips Mention Of “Strategic Plan” Cost

How nice for Phil Kirk to write about the “strategic plan” costing Wake taxpayers over 58K. #nced #wcpss

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) August 23, 2014

Isn’t that special? A nice rah-rah article drawing attention to the costly “strategic plan” for Wake County Schools. Where was this kind of press for the Superintendent’s ‘listening’ forum earlier this year? Continue reading

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WCPSS’s Envision “Strategic Plan” And Phil Kirk

Earlier this week, I wrote about the Wake County Schools “Envision” Campaign costing over $58k to date. I was corrected by WCPSS on Twitter — it’s not a campaign, it’s a “strategic plan”. @LadyLiberty1885 That’s the point. The 51k is … Continue reading

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Wake Cty Schools “Strategic Plan”? More Common Core.

The Wake county public school system (WCPSS) is revising their strategic plan yet again. Work began on this new plan sometime back in February of this year and now WCPSS is having a kick-off of sorts. On Friday, WCPSS held a forum about the “Community Vision For Wake Children”.

The news report from WRAL says a whole lot of nothing about what this new strategic plan entails. Parents who are just finding out about it on their site will have to fire up Google to figure out what this event was about – or read my article. The WRAL video segment has an interview in it of Superintendent Merrill, where he seems to be choosing his words very carefully.

Only the N&O seemed to have a story (behind their pay wall) on this “Community Vision” event prior to the event itself. No big advertising of this event, much like the Wake Superintendent’s Direct Line forum, was done. That Superintendent Direct Line forum had maybe a dozen people show up at any of the given locations. The one I attended was similar, but that didn’t stop nearly every speaker from speaking out against the Common Core. You can read about that Direct Line forum and watch the videos here. At any rate, WCPSS might want to re-think the ‘less-is-more’ strategy of attracting parents to their event. Continue reading

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#WCPSS Updates: MVP Math, Reassignment plan, Restart Status and a Brain Drain

Welcome to the first WCPSS updates article. I usually roll Wake County Public Schools up into my NCED updates articles, but lately, the district has had enough news to generate its own edition.  This edition will cover MVP Math updates, reassignment plan, restart status declarations and a ‘brain drain’. Continue reading

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#WCPSS Family engagement plan has parents upset about Data Mining

A family engagement program being employed in North Carolina’s largest school district has some parents concerned about data mining. Continue reading

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WCSB Member Zora Felton Wants To Dig Into Your Kid’s Religion?

In the name of making sure your kid succeeds, Wake County School Board member Zora Felton wants to include your kid’s religion into the mix as part of the costly Wake County Strategic plan.


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