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NC Public Schools Forum ‘Key Education Issues’ Breakfast (Video)

In January, the NC Public Schools Forum held an event called ‘Eggs and Issues 2012’. The forum was slated to address what NC Public Schools forum feels are the ‘Top 10 Issues’ in North Carolina education. NC SPIN was also going to do a live taping after the event, apparently to be released on February 15th. Continue reading

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NC Public Schools Forum Hosting ‘Key Education Issues’ Breakfast

NC Spin is apparently doing a live taping of this event and the line-up including Academic Standards Review Commission Co-Chair, Andre Peek. Also in the mix are Rep. Horn and John Hood of John Locke Foundation, both of whom are involved with BEST NC’s “2020 Vision Initiative”.

Parents who can attend this should do so.

See below.

2015 Eggs & Issues Breakfast

Hosted by NC Public Schools Forum

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NC Public Schools Forum Cites Common Core Tied Group On Skill Gaps

In my inbox, the narrative that the U.S. and NC are behind the world continues to rage.
Common Core peddling NC Public Schools Forum had this update (down below) in it’s most recent newsletter.

Note that American Institutes for Research (AIR) stands to gain a lot financially with the continued push of Common Core. They are deep into the testing side of Common Core, which has been highly lucrative for SBAC, PARCC and Pearson.

Funny how a Vice President from AIR is now in charge of reviewing NCLB waivers. Keep that in mind when you read what AIR says about the states having control over their own standards being ‘fundamentally flawed’. I smell a NCLB trap for states trying to get out of Common Core.

Oh yeah — AIR has also received over $37 million from the Bill Gates Foundation.

Here’s the update:

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NC Public Schools Forum Continues To Carry Water For Common Core

Over at WSOCTV, there is an article titled “Parent’s, Teachers, frustrated by Common Core Stoppage”. Funny title, since no teacher is quoted in the article and the parent interviewed seems indifferent. But the parent, Elyse Dashew, isn’t your ordinary parent but an education activist who has run for school board before. It appears that the only people interviewed are those who have invested their time promoting the Common Core. If you want to see real parents thoughts, look through the comments on the article.

The article comes with a video which states ‘millions have been spent on Common Core’. Those millions? Race To The Top grant money. We can’t even be sure how much of it was spent on Common Core either, as State Superintendent Atkinson keeps changing her figures.

The WSOCTV article focuses on Keith Poston of NC Public Schools Forum, who dutifully continues to carry water for Common Core despite the repeal and sizable growing drop in support for the standards. NC Public Schools Forum is pretty much a who’s who of the Chamber of Commerce and mirrors many of the members of the Chamber’s pro-Core special project “Hire Standards”. NC Public Schools Forum is all in on Common Core.


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#NCED Updates: Race Bully Invited to Raleigh, Public School Exodus and a Dear John to School Choice Critics

A notorious race bully has been invited to lecture us all about our whiteness in Raleigh, the public school exodus continues, a ‘Dear John’ letter to critics of school choice and few other legislative tidbits and points of interest. Continue reading

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#NCED Updates: Media Attacks Low-Income Student Scholarships, Wake County Still A Hot Mess and SAT ‘Adversity Scores’

In this edition of NC Education Updates: Charlotte Observer attacks low-income student scholarship fund changes, Wake County Public Schools is still a hot mess and what parents and students need to know about The College Board’s new “adversity scores.” Continue reading

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#NCED Updates: New Board Members, Calendar Flexibility & Free Speech

Some quick hits in North Carolina education news this time around include appointments to the State Board of Education, Calendar flexibility for counties hit by Hurricane Florence and a big charter school grant. Continue reading

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