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News and Observer Waves Bye-Bye to Occupy Raleigh

Josh Shaffer at the News and Observer has an article up that arguable waves bye-bye to Occupy Raleigh.

This was news to Occupy Raleigh.

Didn’t realize that OR was JUST the Newsletter:…

— Occupy Raleigh (@OccupyRaleigh) January 12, 2015 Continue reading

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Occupy Raleigh Turns One

A whole couple dozen people turned out for the anniversary of Occupy in Raleigh downtown today. Turn out might have been hampered by the fact their own website listed the event as occurring on the 13th instead of the 15th which was the actual anniversary I believe:

Occupy Raleigh turns 1 year old and invites everyone, especially those who have participated over the year to the State Capitol (where Morgan & Fayetteville Streets meet) on October the 13th from Noon until three! We want to celebrate those who made events addressing the issues that continue to inspire Occupy Raleigh to stand up and speak out. Come out and help us celebrate rain or shine! Cake & ice cream, music, a few speakers and an open Mic for anyone who would like to express themselves! Come and share your perspectives on accomplishments, issues, and lessons learned over the course of the Occupy Movement’s first year! Along with the celebration Occupy Raleigh will be collecting food, winter coats and blankets! We will end the day with a People’s General Assembly at 4pm.
*Food Donations will benefit Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina, coats and blankets will be distributed to local shelters.
This event is wheelchair accessible and disability affirmative. If you need additional accommodations please contact us 72 hours prior to the event.

At least ABC 11 got the date right. Fail on the date, but win with cake and ice cream! Yum Yum 99%!

They tweeted out a Live Stream link here.
Fun and Games link here. Continue reading

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Occupy Raleigh Gets Punted

The occupy campers have to vacate the vacant lot on the 29th of this month. Boo-hoo. Heads up, Raleigh PD — you’re back to herding cats again.

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Occupy Raleigh Is No Different

Not calling the cops or getting him to a facility that can help “Robert”, but shaming him and banning him from camp until he hands over the money he took. Not much is said about the fact he’s molested people. The group agrees to get in touch with “Robert” and asks him how to do that. His reply:

Robert: I have Facebook.

But of course you do. Continue reading

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Raleigh NAACP & Occupy Jump On Trayvon Martin Bandwagon

Even as more is coming out on this story that conflicts with the original narrative the mainstream media tried to sell us, the “rallies” keep popping up.

WRAL is not reporting anything about John Edwards and the Madam/Prostitution ring story that broke late last week, but they are running with a story on Trayvon Martin. I noticed that WRAL is using the same old picture of Trayvon Martin with the story instead of the updated ones circulating. The article features NC’s own NAACP useful idiot, Reverend Barber, and a mention of Occupy Raleigh’s candle lit vigil for Martin. Continue reading

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Your Occupy Monday Schedule For Avoiding Downtown, #NCGA

They’re back.

Here’s the “Week of Action” schedule so one can avoid downtown and the General Assembly accordingly. Continue reading

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