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EducationNC Promotes Gates Backed Hope Street Group

Surprise, surprise. EducationNC has an article up about the Bill Gates backed Hope Street Group. This dovetails nicely with the article I published earlier this morning on yet another Hope Street Group Fellow writing a pro-Common Core Op Ed.

Hope Street Group and outfits like them are an attempt to combat the fact that Common Core was NOT state-led, but in fact Fed-Led and Gates-led. Continue reading

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Common Core Potemkin Village Update: Ben Owens, Hope Street Group Fellow – #ASRC #NCed

An article from the Asheville Citizen Times was put in my inbox over the weekend titled, “Veteran engineer sees the value of Common Core field testing”.

It’s penned by a man named Ben Owens.

At the bottom of the article is this text:

“Benjamin C. Owens is a 2014 Hope Street Group National Teaching Fellow and math and physics teacher at the Tri-County Early College in Murphy.”

Hope Street Group. AGAIN. Continue reading

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For the LULZ… Founding Member of Hope Street Group Attempts Trolling. Fails.

One has to laugh when a founding member of an alleged ‘education non-profit’ attempts to troll someone for exposing them as Bill Gates backed Common Core shills.

Get ready to laugh because that’s what’s happened. Continue reading

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Gates Backed Hope Street Group Push Agenda Using Wake Taxpayer Resources

Below is an email sent to me by a teacher unamused at the Bill Gates backed ‘education non-profit’ using Wake county official email to push their non-profit’s agenda items.

Gee, sounds familiar.

KEEP READING Continue reading

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More On NC’s ‘Partnership’ With The Gates Backed Hope Street Group

Yesterday, I mentioned going into more detail about the cozy partnership NC’s Superintendent and current CCSSO President, Dr. Atkinson, entered into with the Bill Gates backed non-profit called Hope Street Group.

Here’s the deal….
Continue reading

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