S. Charlotte Middle School Sign: F*ck Kavanaugh (Updates)


Over the weekend, the sign in front of the South Charlotte Middle School bore the message “F*ck Kavanaugh.  CMS Spokesperson called it “Fake news,” but they were in for a surprise.

A reader contacted me with an image that shocked, angered and saddened me.


I hopped on Twitter to ask the Charlotte Mecklenburg School district (CMS) if they had seen this item yet or not. The CMS account responded swiftly and said it was “Fake News.”

The image tweeted by the CMS account above had been tagged with the name of the person who was using the CMS account at the time of the reply. That person was apparently Tracy Russ, who is the Chief Communications Officer, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

As it happened, Tracy Lundell, the person who took the photo, was unamused by Mr. Russ/CMS calling her photo “Fake News.”

Another person named Brendan Bailey had also taken their own photo of the sign.

Ms. Lundell also tweeted Mr. Bailey’s copy, which he had posted to Facebook.


Update: CMS Media Relations tweets that they have confirmed that the South Charlotte Middle School sign had been “defaced” over the weekend. Charlotte Observer also reporting Mr. Russ now realizes this was not a case of “Fake News.”