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*This post will be updated approximately 9am EST, 8 PM EST, and 3am EST.  The updates will be listed in bold letters

As Hurricane Harvey was devastating Houston I kept searching for a site that was a one-stop information portal.   Evacuation lists, emergency numbers, shelters, flooding maps, social media accounts to follow for info, up to date weather, Govt links, news, live feeds, local emergency bulletins, maps, rescue and relief efforts, and information from others in the areas affected.  It was difficult to find one so I’ve decided to create one starting with Hurricane Irma. This list is fluid and will be updated morning, noon and night as information comes in. 

Update from Florida SERT


Urgent update from Gov. Rick Scott



  • WAZE navigation phone app added
  • Rumor Control from FEMA added
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  • Beach Cams updated
  • Social Media Accounts to follow updated
  • Storm surge Warning added
  • Storm Surge Warnings Updated
  • Evacuation list updated
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  • Shelter list in Georgia for Irma Evacuee’s added
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  • Emergency numbers updated
  • Apps and helpful links updated



If you are in a zone that is calling for MANDATORY or VOLUNTARY EVACUATION please do so.  Property can be replaced, lives can not.

  • *If you choose to not evacuate.  DO NOT GO INTO THE ATTIC unless absolutely necessary.  If you do have an ax or something else to cut into roof.  You cant be rescued if they cant see you

The following counties have evacuation orders.  This list is fluid, and will be updated on FloridaDisaster.org.

Per Gov Rick Scott:

Based on recent forecasts, the US Army Corps has been reviewing how the federally operated Herbert Hoover Dike will be impacted. Governor Scott spoke to Col. Jason Kirk with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers today and the Corps. believes there will be additional impacts from excessive wind pushing some water over the Dike. While they have assured the Governor that the structural integrity of the Dike will not be compromised, Governor Scott has ordered voluntary evacuations beginning immediately in the cities surrounding the southern half of Lake Okeechobee from Lake Port to Canal Point in Hendry, Palm Beach and Glades counties. Mandatory evacuations will be put in place for these communities beginning tomorrow morning. Information regarding transportation and sheltering will be released tomorrow morning. This decision was made due to Governor Scott’s sole focus on life safety as Hurricane Irma approaches Florida. The seven cities affected by these orders are as follows:


  • South Bay
  • Lake Harbor
  • Pahokee
  • Moore Haven
  • Clewiston
  • Belle Glade
  • Canal Point
  • Brevard – mandatory evacuations for Zone A, Merritt Island, barrier islands, and some low-lying mainland areas along Indian River Lagoon
  • Broward – mandatory East of Federal Highway including barrier islands
  • Charlotte – voluntary evacuations for Don Pedro Island, Knight Island (Palm Island), Little Gasparilla Island, Manosota Key, all mobile homes
  • Citrus – mandatory evacuations for residents west of Hwy 19, 1 and ½ miles east of Hwy 19 excluding Sugarmill Woods. This also includes all of the city of Crystal River, all low lying areas throughout the entire county and anyone residing in mobile homes, manufactured homes and all unsafe structures throughout the entire county
  • Collier – mandatory evacuations for Goodland, Everglades City, Chokoloskee, all mobile homes
  • Desoto- voluntary evacuations for people in low-lying/flood prone areas, residents living in mobile homes and RV parks
  • Flagler – mandatory evacuations for nursing homes, all varieties of assisted living facilities, and community residential group homes within coastal and Intracoastal areas and voluntary for zones A, B, C, F; mandatory for Zones A,B,C,F, and substandard housing beginning on Saturday
  • Glades – mandatory evacuations for areas around Lake Okeechobee (Lakeport, Moorehaven, Washington Park, Benbow and Uncle Joe’s Motel and Campground). Also mandatory for residents in Zone A and anyone in an RV park, mobile home or building constructed before 1992.
  • Hardee – voluntary evacuations for low-lying areas, mobile homes, and port structures
  • Hendry – voluntary evacuations for low-lying areas, non-slab-built homes, mobile homes, trailers and RVs, mandatory for areas near Lake Okeechobee (Clewiston, Hookers Point, Harlem, Flaghole, Montura Ranch Estates, Mid-County MSBU which inlcudes Ladeca, Pioneer Plantation and Leon-Dennis Subdivision, Al Don Farming Road)
  • Hernando – mandatory evacuations for Zones A and B and mobile homes
  • Highlands – voluntary for low areas and mobile/manufactured homes
  • Hillsborough – voluntary for special-needs residents in Evacuation Zone A.
  • Indian River – voluntary evacuations for barrier islands, low-lying areas, mandatory for Saturday
  • Lee – mandatory for Cape Coral west of Burnt Store Road and south of Cape Coral Parkway, east of Del Prado Boulevard to Viscaya Parkway, North Fort Myers south of Bay Shore Road from Moody Road to State Road 31 and areas south of North River Road from State Road 31 to Fichters Creek, areas of Iona south of Maple Drive, west of U.S. 41, San Carlos Park west of U.S. 41, Estero west of U.S. 41, north of the Estero River, Bonita Springs communities along Estero Bay and the Imperial River Basin, all of the barrier islands.
  • Manatee – voluntary evacuations for Zone A and mobile homes.
  • Martin – mandatory evacuations for barrier islands, manufactured homes, and low-lying areas beginning Saturday
  • Miami-Dade – mandatory evacuations for all of Zone A, all of Zone B, and portions of Zone C. Miami Dade residents can find their zones by clicking HERE.
  • Monroe – mandatory evacuations for visitors and residents. A dedicated transportation hotline is available specifically for individuals in the Keys at 305-517-2480
  • Pasco – mandatory evacuations for residents living west of U.S. 19. Also mandatory for residents living north of Fox Hollow Drive west of Little Rd. and south of Fox Hollow Drive west of Regency Park Blvd./Rowan Rd./Seven Springs Blvd. Special needs residents, and those living in manufactured homes, mobile homes, RV’s, and anyone living in a low-lying area or an area prone to flooding are also under mandatory evacuation. Voluntary evacuations for residents living south of Fox Hollow Drive to the south county line between Regency Park Blvd./Rowan Rd./Seven Springs Blvd. and Little Rd.
  • Palm Beach – mandatory evacuations for Zone A and B, voluntary for Zone C and Lake Zone E (Canal Point, Belle Glade, and Pahokee)
  • Pinellas – mandatory evacuations all mobile home and Zone A
  • Sarasota – voluntary evacuations in Zone A (Longboat, Lido, Siesta, Casey Key, Manasota Key, Venice Island), all mobile homes
  • St. Lucie – mandatory north and south Hutchinson Island, low-lying areas, manufactured homes
  • Additional evacuations are expected throughout the state. All Floridians should pay close attention to local alerts and follow the directions of local officials.
  • Shelters are continuing to open across the state, including shelters for people with special needs, pets and general populations. DOH is coordinating the set up and staffing for special needs shelters. A list of all open shelters will be available at floridadisaster.org/shelters.
  • FEMA is also hosting shelter information on its mobile app which can be found at fema.gov/mobile-app.
  • The state is working with the American Red Cross to identify shelter capacity both during and following the storm.
  • Non-essential Navy personnel evacuated from Naval Air station Key West 
  •  Brevard County officials have announced a mandatory evacuation order for residents living in Merritt Island and some mainland low-lying areas along the Indian River Lagoon.
  • There is a mandatory evacuation for nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Flagler County.
  • Evacuation orders for Central Florida
  • Flagler County announced a voluntary evacuation for residents and said evacuation zones A, B, C and F (not Palm Coast alphabet sections) should consider leaving the area ahead of Hurricane


Buoy warnings NOAA —>http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=kywf1

Storm surge prediction may NOAA—>http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/refresh/graphics_at1+shtml/154010.shtml?wsurge

Potential Storm Surge flooding map —>http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/refresh/graphics_at1+shtml/213811.shtml?inundation#contents

  • A Storm Surge Warning is in effect for Volusia/Brevard county line southward around the Florida peninsula to the Suwannee River, including the Florida Keys and Tampa Bay.
  • A Storm Surge Watch is in effect for north of the Volusia/Brevard county line to the Florida/Georgia Border and on the west coast north of the Suwannee River to the Ochlockonee River.
  • A Hurricane Warning is in effect from the Florida/Georgia southward around the Florida peninsula to the Aucilla River, including Florida Keys, Lake Okeechobee, and Tampa Bay.
  • A Hurricane Watch is in effect for areas west of the Aucilla River to Indian Pass.
  • Tropical Storm Watch is in effect for areas west of Indian Pass to the Okaloosa/Walton County line.
  • National Weather Service has issued a Flood Warning for Fisheating Creek near Palmdale until further notice

Florida OEM website link

The OEM Twitter Acct is being updated all the time.  It is including evacuation information, emergency numbers, closures, and important Irma information.

Florida OEM Twitter feed

Know your route.  Here is the Florida Disaster Public Mapping of evacuation routes and storm surge zone maps

If you can, monitor the Florida 511 statewide twitter acct for traffic updates:

  •  Identify several places you could go in an emergency such as a friend’s home in another town or a motel. Choose destinations in different directions so that you have options during an emergency.
  • If needed, identify a place to stay that will accept pets. Most public shelters allow only service animals.
  • Be familiar with alternate routes and other means of transportation out of your area.
  • Follow the instructions of local officials. Remember  your evacuation route may be on foot


DOCUMENTS TO TAKE If you must evacuate:

♦ Emergency phone numbers
♦ Copies of important prescriptions:
♦ Copies of children’s immunization records.
♦ Copies of health, dental, and/or prescription insurance cards or numbers.
♦ Copies of auto, flood, renter’s, homeowner’s insurance policies, policy numbers
♦ Insurance company telephone numbers, local agent and company headquarters.
♦ Social Security • Credit card
♦ Bank account • Driver’s license
♦ Birth, death, adoption, and marriage certificates.
♦ Passports and other identity documents.
♦ Emergency supply kit (Build a kit from Ready.gov)
♦ Supplies for pets (supply information)

Place papers in sealed, waterproof plastic bags.  Store in a durable, sealed box.  Grab box and take with you.

The following was sent to Liberty Speaks email…

1.  More toilet paper than you think you can possibly use.  Store it on a high shelf.  It’s no good pre-wet.
2.  Cleaning rags (old towels or old clothes, etc).  You can wash and reuse them for cleanup, which you cannot do with paper towels.
3.  bleach for disinfecting everything.  Liquid bleach (sodium hypochlorite) loses half its strength in a year and in about 3 years is totally ineffective.  The best thing to buy is CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE at pool supply stores.  It’s in powder form, so you mix it as you need it.  This is called Pool Shock, but there are several chems used for that, so read the label.  You can disinfect water to drink.  Read online now for the formula to do that.
4,  Rubber gloves.   If you have any flooding, sewage will be present.  If any water damage, mold is possible.
5.  Heavy work gloves to protect you from nails, etc.
6.  Drinking water (tap water) stored in 2-liter soda bottles.  Cheapest way.
7.  CANNED fruits and veggies.  They won’t spoil or need prep.
8.  Ziploc bags for storing things.  Gallon size.  Keep your cell phone in one. Inflate one for a pillow.
9.  waterproof matches (camping section of any sporting goods store, Walmart.  You can even make your own.)
10.  A really, really REALLY good mechanical can opener.  Get TWO of them.  My son in law and I took the boys to SC to see the eclipse and our one can opener broke.
11.  Knife and scissors.
12.  Raingear and hats
13.  Notebook and pens.  You may be surprised how much you will need to write down.
14.  MAPS.  US and State atlases at a minimum.  If one road is blocked, you can look for others.
15.  Sharpie pens.  If you have to stay at a shelter, you will want to write your name on EVERYTHING.
16.  If you evacuate, take sleeping bags if at all possible.
17.  Guns and ammo.  There are plenty bottom-feeders out there who prey on people who evacuate or have been hit by a hurricane.
18.  If you evacuate, something to pee in.  People who evacuate can be stuck in traffic for hours and hours, taking 16 hours to go a distance usually travelled in 2.


Below find a list of Shelter locations in Georgia for Irma Evacuees




  • Florida Emergency Information Line 1-800-342-3557
  • If you have no way to evacuate call our transportation hotline at 1-800-955-5504
  • Floridians can text FLPREPARES to 888777 in order to receive text alerts from FDEM.
  • The media line is 850-921-0217
  • Florida Price Gauging Hotline 1-866-9-NO-SCAM
  • To search for open shelters: text SHELTER and a Zip Code to 43362 (4FEMA)
  • Florida Emergency number list
  • For General Information 511
  • American Red Cross Florida
  • Veterans Who Need Assistance: 1-800-507-4571.
  • To Volunteer: 1-800-354-3571
  • To Report Power Outages: 1-800-468-8243



  • Volunteer Florida is coordinating with volunteer organizations across the state and has partnered with the American Red Cross to provide shelter operations training to volunteers and AmeriCorps grantees. To volunteer, go to volunteerflorida.org or call 1-800-FL-Help-1.
  • Governor Scott has set a goal of 17,000 volunteers. So far, more than 1,500 state employees and more than 8,300 members of the public have signed up with Red Cross to take the volunteer sheltering training.
  • Volunteer Florida is working with the Red Cross to identify staffing for host shelters in Sarasota, Alachua and Leon Counties.
  • Volunteer Florida has 43 Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) on standby to deploy to areas of need. Many of these teams have begun to work in local call centers and prepare for sheltering assistance.
  • American Red Cross teams are coordinating feeding at shelters and have staged 26 tractor trailers at the State Logistics Response Center, 150 trailers at the State Farmers Market, and 100 emergency response vehicles in North Florida.
  • The Salvation Army has the capability to provide 100,000 meals a day. Salvation Army is on standby with 32 cooking units and two field kitchens stationed in Palm Beach and Miami. They are also coordinating additional supplies awaiting deployment from neighboring states.
  • The Florida Baptist Convention has eight kitchens ready and the ability to feed 90,000 people immediately. Twenty-seven more kitchens are on standby ready to feed 35,000 meals a day.
  • Feeding Florida has received nine truckloads of food from Kellogg’s to assist in shelters with 16 additional trucks coming in. Feeding Florida currently has more than 4,000 food boxes on hand capable of sustaining a family of four for five days. Feeding Florida has 3,000 shelf stable meal boxes ready to distribute to staging areas in Miami and Orlando. Volunteers are compiling 20,000 food bags, which hold 20 pounds of food and can be distributed as needed. Feeding Florida also has baby food/formula kits available for distribution.
  • Church World Service has hygiene kits and cleanup buckets on standby.
  • Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Florida has showers and trailers available in Pensacola and Lakeland for deployment, as well as supplies such as chainsaws, shovels, safety equipment and 1,200 tarps.
  • Church of Latter Day Saints has chainsaws, tarps, and water on standby.
  • United Methodist Church has hygiene kits and flood buckets on standby.
  • Angel Flight SE has 700 pilots based in the southeastern U.S. available to assist.
  • Church of Scientology is activating volunteers for FL and receiving volunteers and donations in Clearwater.
  • Church of Latter Day Saints is transporting material (primarily tarps, chainsaws, food and water) to Orlando, more on order from Atlanta Bishop’s Storehouse
  • Mission North American Disaster Relief is staging equipment in various locations across the state and have two shower trailers available.
  • UMCOR has 2,500-3000 flood buckets on hand and 3,000 hygiene kits.
  • United Way is arranging enhanced staffing for 211 to support and direct residents.





Twitter follow the hashtag #FLPrepares

Facebook accounts to follow-this will be updated as needed

Jester has added a Google Earth Simulation for Storm surge and water levels



LeHigh Acres webcams —>http://www.the-webcam-network.com/Florida-USA/Lehigh-Acres/2994337.html



Bonita Springs/Naples

Hollywood, Ft. Myers, Miami

Key West, Ft Lauderdale, Sanibel

Seaside, Florida

Jacksonville Beach

Biscayne Bay

University of Tampa

30A Beach

New Port Richey  owner of webcam doesn’t allow rebroadcast. so just click the link

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