The Hillary-ous #BlockSalon Tweet Storm

Something epic has happened this evening.  Hillary Clinton supporters are going insane on Twitter calling for a #BlockSalon tweet storm.

Why you may ask? Well, because published an article titled “Dear FBI, the Democratic Party’s Future Rests Upon Your Investigation of Clinton’s Emails”.

Writer H.A. Goodman, (also a Sanders supporter) in an open letter to FBI Director James Comey, threw down his thoughts on how Clinton supporters believe an indictment will never happen, how they really feel towards the FBI, and that her supporters see it as not a big deal.

Here’s a snippet:

Since your investigation has taken so long, many people believe that nothing has been found, or simply that Clinton is too powerful to face any serious repercussions. Any attempt to warn people that Hillary Clinton could realistically face criminal indictments is either viewed as a Republican scare tactic, or lunacy. Even many Bernie Sanders supporters, a group that would benefit the most from the FBI recommending indictment of Clinton, feel it’s either disloyal, or pointless to bring up the email controversy. The massive group think within the Democratic Party, fostered by years of circumventing political scandals, has literally altered the mindset of normally rational individuals, and voters.

Goodman, goes on to explain that if it was anyone else other than Clinton being investigated things would be much different.

At this point, Bernie Sanders is the only Democratic candidate not linked to an FBI investigation, yet Clinton is leading in delegates. This dynamic would never take place in any other leading democracy. If David Cameron had been investigated by MI5, rest assured the British would never have allowed him to become leader of his political party, and eventually Prime Minister.

(Well, one point to mention, Bernie Sanders is the only other Democratic candidate, but that’s a minor detail, I digress).  Here’s another little nugget:

Whether or not you recommend indictment, and whether or not you’ve found criminal wrongdoing pertaining to Clinton, should be known before the end of the Democratic Primary. Democrats can’t nominate a person who could potentially face indictment on November 7, 2016.

Goodman goes on to say:

Hopefully, this will take place before June, so that Bernie Sanders has a chance to become nominee, and so that Democrats don’t attempt to further a person linked to criminal indictments into the White House.

I read the entire article and only one part of it I disagree with for obvious reasons. I am not keen on the “Bern” any more than I am on Hillary.

I am, however, impressed that someone from a fairly liberal site is asking — no pleading –for the FBI, to… wait for it… do their job and if you’re going to indict, please do it soon.

The backlash against Salon was immediate.

The calling for mass blockage on Twitter, comments like “low info news source”, the paper is crap, their advertisers should be blocked, yada, yada, yada. You would think the mob was going after a Conservative site.

I say kudos Mr. Goodman, nothing like a little bit of speaking truth to power.

Someone finally dared to call out the sycophantic supporters of Hillary.  The ones who believe that Queen Clinton will never fall; the ones who have been turning their collective noses up when the word indictment is even mentioned.

However, what made me laugh my proverbial ass off and actually proved Goodman’s point about team “H” not really caring or paying attention to the email investigation, was that the majority of the #BlockSalon mob obviously didn’t read the article.

If they had, they would have seen the last line after H. A. Goodman’s sincere formal ending of the letter, which stated:

[This article first appeared on The Huffington Post]


As I said, epic.


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2 Responses to The Hillary-ous #BlockSalon Tweet Storm

  1. bydesign001 says:

    The massive group think within the Democratic Party, fostered by years of circumventing political scandals, has literally altered the mindset of normally rational individuals, and voters.

    This one sentence was enough to send the “massive group think within the Democratic Party” off the side of the cliff. Boing, right over the edge. Poof!

    And just when you think that maybe this one Progressive gets it, “Bernie Sanders is the only Democratic candidate not linked to an FBI investigation….”

    Rich considering as you pointed out above that there are ONLY two.

    At the same time, Bernie may not be under investigation for anything but his wife, Jane is or will be for alleged fraud: Report: Catholic Parishioners Seek Federal Fraud Probe of Sanders’ Wife for Land Deal.

    EXCELLENT POST. Re-posting.


    • Liberty Speaks says:

      Thank you, I really couldn’t resist blogging about this…The irony was too strong with this one not to point it out. Never ceases to amaze me the tactics used with in Liberal circles can be truly the most vicious when it pertains to speech or press they don’t agree with.


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