McCrory Hammers Cooper For Not Doing His Job

NC Attorney General Roy Cooper is being hammered again by Governor McCrory for not doing his job.  Cooper blames the inability to do his current job on the fact he is  ‘running for Governor’.

Read to the end. Don’t miss Lt. Governor Forest’s epic slap down.


Roy Cooper Struggles To Explain Why He’s Not Doing His Job

“As Attorney General, I can’t have as much of an effect on those policies as I can running for governor.”
– Roy Cooper, 3/29/2016

Raleigh, N.C. – Roy Cooper today tried to defend his decision to not do his job and defend the state against the ACLU and other far-left special interest groups who are suing to open the door to allowing men to use women’s restrooms in North Carolina.

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Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) responded Tuesday to Attorney General Roy Cooper’s announcement that he will not defend a state law passed with bipartisan support stopping men from entering public bathrooms and locker rooms with young girls and women.

“Roy Cooper’s refusal to defend the law makes clear he wants the ACLU to win by default in federal court what they can’t win at the ballot box and allow men to walk into locker rooms at YMCAs across our country and undress in front of young girls,” said Berger. “His zeal for pandering for the extreme left’s money and agenda in his race for governor is making it impossible for him to fulfill his duties as attorney general – and he should resign immediately.”

Lt. Governor Dan Forest echoed Berger’s concerns:

“The attorney general is supposed to be the people’s lawyer, but instead of standing up for the 70% of North Carolinians who oppose Charlotte’s bathroom ordinance, Roy Cooper decided today he would rather side with the ACLU, the White House and Washington, D.C. special interests groups who believe that businesses should be forced to allow men into women’s restrooms – even if they are registered sex offenders – all in the name of political correctness.”

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