Editor of Hendersonville Lightning Joins The Media Bias Ranks

It’s been a banner week for media bias. The Charlotte Observer, WRAL, News and Observer and now Bill Moss, the editor at the Hendersonville Lightning. Moss has an editorial that is a candidate for the ‘Woefully Clueless’ Files.

The editorial is basically an attempt at a slam piece on Lisa Baldwin, who is running for Apodaca’s NCGA Senate seat. At the same time Moss’s editorial has Rainbows and Unicorns romping in the fields next to his pick – Chuck Edwards.

Here’s the fun bit; emphasis added:

Edwards faces Lisa Carpenter Baldwin and Dennis Justice in the Republican primary for Senate District 48. The winner faces Democrat Norm Bossert, an elementary school principal who lives in Pisgah Forest.

Baldwin’s record in politics starts and ends with her service on the School Board in Buncombe County, where voters fired her after one term, presumably because her zeal for ideological warfare got in the way of common-sense governance of local schools.

Like many ideologues, Baldwin seeks to nationalize state politics, running on yesterday’s issues like Common Core, which the Legislature has already dismantled. She promised at one recent campaign appearance to “join South Carolina” in fighting to restore North Carolina’s marriage law — which means she would waste taxpayers’ money on a futile attempt to overturn what has become settled law across the land.

Baldwin casts herself as a resume candidate, touting her class rank, advanced degrees and (short-lived) service as an economist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. She often sounds as if she’s running for Mother of the Year and not a Senate seat, prominently highlighting the (admittedly impressive) credentials of her high school- and college-aged children.

Rant Mode


Beyond the rather childishly crafted insults peppered through that except, there’s a lot to both laugh at and be ticked off about.

With a journalism resume as long as Moss’s, this editorial is sort of hilarious in how out of touch it is.

Then again, Moss apparently has a history of insulting Conservatives and Tea Party folks.

I, of course, had to leave a comment which I include after this rant. In particular, I left a comment because Mr. Moss’s rather daft statement about Common Core.

I mean, how hard is it to use GOOGLE?!?   

Five seconds of a search on the topic would tell you Common Core is NOT gone in NC nor has it been ‘dismantled’ in any way, shape or form. As one of the leading Common Core fighting moms in the state, take my word on that Mr. Moss.

On the topic of ideological warfare and common sense — Mr. Moss, there is a war going on in our schools. There is an influx of social justice that is crowding out actual academics. There is a systemic take-over going on in education in this country.

Moss’s comments are actually beyond woefully  clueless and venture into the realm of  insulting. Moss clearly has absolutely no concept about what went on in the Buncombe School Board.

Baldwin was the only Republican in there and fought the good fight over and over. Where the Hell was Mr. Moss during that fight? Navel gazing and pining for an establishment squish instead of an ‘ideologue’ who stood on conservative principles. Congrats.


Here’s what I said on the actual article comment section, feel free to pile on:

Mr. Moss, you are woefully clueless.

You wrote: “Like many ideologues, Baldwin seeks to nationalize state politics, running on yesterday’s issues like Common Core, which the Legislature has already dismantled.”

First – ideologue.. hehehe, you’re funny if you think that’s an insult in this election cycle.

Second, Common Core is NOT a yesterday issue and the legislature has not dismantled it — not by a LONG shot. It’s frankly outright insulting you didn’t bother to do your homework there, unlike Lisa Carpenter Baldwin, who knows the true score on Common Core. Shame on you. Seriously.

What the legislature desperately needs right now is republicans with education experience and Baldwin has it.

I am sure Edwards has his good points, but the last thing the legislature needs right now is a Chamber backed businessman.

Thanks for this article, given the climate right now in this election year, you just gave Baldwin a boost in the polls.

I meant what I said about Edwards probably being a nice guy.

I am sure he is, however Editorials like this and the Chamber’s backing leave a lot to be desired in an election year like this one. Whether Edwards is or not, what this editorial screams to voters is, “ESTABLISHMENT”.

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