AG Roy Cooper’s Long History of ‘No Comment’ – #ncpol

Attorney General Roy Cooper has a long history of ‘no comment’ answers.

The big news over the last week was the Charlotte City Council’s incredible overreach with an arguably illegal ‘non-discrimination’ ordinance change.

That change bans businesses from maintaining single sex bathrooms and allows the miniscule transgender population to use the bathroom of their ‘self identified’ choice.

Meanwhile, it leaves the door wide open for anyone to claim they ‘self-identify’ as transgender and therefore anyone can walk into a ladies room and say, sexually assault a woman, just expose themselves at will or molest a little kid. Nice.

SO — Where is the state’s top legal official? CANNOT BE REACHED FOR COMMENT. 

Charlotte Observer:

Republican Gov. Pat McCrory isn’t the only gubernatorial candidate who opposes part of Charlotte’s new nondiscrimination ordinance.

Democrat Ken Spaulding said Wednesday that while he supports most of the anti-discrimination language, he doesn’t like the bathroom provision.

Spaulding said that as an African-American “born and raised in a segregated North Carolina, I am obviously opposed to discrimination.”

“The Charlotte ordinance which bans discrimination against the LGBT community creates this protection,” he added. “I do not agree with the ‘bathroom provision.’ 

His Democratic opponent, Attorney General Roy Cooper, could not be reached for comment. His campaign did not return calls Tuesday or Wednesday.

Reminder:  Roy Cooper refused to enlist North Carolina in an Amicus brief on the same topic, wherein the suit was an attempt to stop the US Department of Education from suing states and school districts in order to force them to allow transgenders to be able to use opposite sex facilities.

Reminder: Cooper actually had a staffer call McCrory a “bully” for asking the Attorney General to stand up, do his job and defend North Carolina children. Surprise, surprise, that staffer has an LGBT activism history.

Back to that ‘No Comment’ History.

A handy and very long list of the many major issues Roy Cooper has dodge, avoided or given the Heisman pose to the Media dropped into my inbox over the weekend.  (See below.)

The only thing Cooper doesn’t seem to avoid commenting on is whenever Blueprint NC partner, Progress NC, opens their mouth or has his back. Who runs Barter Town, Mr. Cooper? You or far leftist outfit Progress NC?


On Charlotte’s Transgender Bathroom Mandate:
”His Democratic opponent, Attorney General Roy Cooper, could not be reached for comment. His campaign did not return calls.” (Jim Morrill, One Democratic gubernatorial candidate opposes Charlotte’s bathroom provision,” The Charlotte Observer, 2/24/2016)

On ACLU/Obama Administration Bathroom Lawsuit:
“Attorney General Roy Cooper has rejected a call by Gov. Pat McCrory to side with a Virginia school district against a discrimination lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union that would allow a transgender high school student to use the men’s bathroom.” (Tyler Dukes, “Despite McCrory’s request, Cooper won’t join Virginia transgender bathroom suit,” WRAL, 11/23/2015)

“Talley did not provide the department’s rationale.” (Tyler Dukes, “Despite McCrory’s request, Cooper won’t join Virginia transgender bathroom suit,” WRAL, 11/23/2015)

On Spaulding Criticism:
”When offered a chance by a forum moderator to respond to Spaulding’s comments, Cooper declined.” (“Democratic candidates for governor spar over voting law,” The Associated Press, 1/30/2016)

“Cooper declined to comment on Spaulding’s remarks about the case.” (Column: Rob Christensen, “Spaulding and Cooper go nose tonose,” Raleigh News & Observer, 1/30/2016)

On Voter ID:
”Morgan Jackson, a spokesman for Cooper, couldn’t be reached Tuesday to respond to Spaulding’s comments.” (John Hinton, “Democrat Ken Spaulding criticizes Roy Cooper for King Day email about voting rights,” Winston-Salem Journal, 1/19/2016)

”Cooper declined comment through a spokeswoman.” (Ely Portillo, “Gov. McCrory defends removing SBI control from attorney general,” Charlotte Observer, 8/7/2014)

On State Bar Complaint Against Cooper’s Professional Conduct:
”Cooper’s campaign declined to comment.” (Craig Jarvis, “Boyce pushes case against Cooper,” Raleigh News & Observer, 1/12/2016)

“Noelle Talley, Cooper’s spokeswoman, told CJ the attorney general’s office had no comment on the complaint.” (Don Carrington, “State Bar Complaint Targets Roy Cooper,” Carolina Journal, 1/12/2016)

On Kalvin Smith Case:
“Noelle Talley, spokesperson for the N.C. Attorney General’s office, told The Chronicle last Friday that after his report came out in 2012, Chris Swecker “had a lengthy discussion with a senior advisor to the attorney general “ about it. She would not identify who that “senior advisor” was, nor could she pinpoint when the conversation took place.” (Cash Michaels, “Questions surround AG’s office,”Winston-Salem Chronicle, 2/25/2016)

On Sanctions Against His Office In Case Of Killed First Grader:
“Cooper’s office declined to comment on this story.” (Drew Elliot, “N.C. Attorney General’s office sanctioned for delaying tactics in case of first-grader killed by log truck,” Jones & Blount, 11/10/2015)

On Kerrick Trial:
”Cooper political adviser Morgan Jackson said the campaign would not comment.”(Michael Gordon, “Ad by Roy Cooper opponent criticizes AG’s handling of Kerrick case,” Charlotte Observer, 11/19/2015)

“Noelle Talley, a spokeswoman for Attorney General Roy Cooper, said the office had no comment Thursday night on the latest defense moves.” (“Officer’s defense team again asks that police shooting trial be moved from Charlotte Randall Kerrick’s attorneys make a second request to move his trial,” Charlotte Observer, 7/2/2015)

“Cooper’s office declined to comment on the indictment.” (“Former Cop Randall Kerrick Indicted In Fatal Shooting Of Unarmed Jonathan Ferrell,” The Associated Press, 6/28/2014)

On Marriage Licenses:
”Attorney General Roy Cooper is responsible for upholding the state’s laws. He declined to comment Wednesday on Chilton’s pledge.” (Tom Foreman, “North Carolina Candidate To Sign Same-Sex Marriage Licenses, Despite Law,” The Associated Press, 5/7/2014)

“On Monday, his spokeswoman, Noelle Taley, said her office had no comment on the United Church of Christ case.” (Michael Paulson, “North Carolina’s Gay-Marriage is Challenged by Church ,” The New York Times, 5/28/2015)

On Immigration:
Cooper declined to comment. (Elaina Athans, “Hundreds gather at General Assembly for “Day of the Immigrant,” ABC11, 8/5/2015)

On School Lawsuit:
“Several officials declined to comment.” (Jess Clark, “34 School Districts Sue The State For Millions,” WUNC-FM, 11/13/2015)

“Cooper’s spokeswoman declined comment before the hearing.” (“Judge orders NC Schools to explain ‘academic doublespeak,'” The Associated Press, 1/20/2015)

On Voter ID:
”Cooper, whose campaign declined to comment, has said defending laws he personally disagrees with is part of his job as attorney general.” (Jim Morrill, “Spaulding slams Cooper over court cases,” Charlotte Observer, 1/5/2016)

On Refugees:
”The campaigns of Cooper and Spaulding have not yet responded to requests for comment on the legislation.” (Tyler Dukes, “Candidates for NC governor mum on Cruz’s refugee bill,” WRAL, 12/8/2015) 

On i77:
”Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper, the state attorney general, could not be reached.” (Jim Morrill, “I-77 could take a toll on Gov. Pat McCrory,”Charlotte Observer, 1/22/2016)

On Abortion Lawsuit:
”A spokeswoman for Mr. Cooper declined to comment.” (Adam Liptak, “Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case on Pre-Abortion Ultrasounds,” The New York Times, 6/15/2015)

On Race Discrimination Lawsuit:
“Spokeswoman Noelle Talley said the office had no comment on the settlement.”(“NCCU settles race discrimination lawsuit for $175K,” The News & Observer, 11/18/15)

On Lawsuits:
”Cooper declined to comment on the lawsuit” (Anna Oakes, “Roy Cooper visits Watauga,” Watauga Democrat, 10/1/2014)

On Environmental Activists:
Cooper spokeswoman Noelle Talley declined to comment about the pending Cliffside appeal” (Mitch D. Weiss, “Environmental groups say Duke Energy’s air quality permit illegal,”  Cooper visits Watauga,” Watauga Democrat, 3/19/2008)

Cooper Criticized For Being Secretive:
”Cooper has one of state government’s most restrictive media policies.” (Joseph Neff, “For the attorney general, mum’s the word,” Raleigh News & Observer, 6/1/2008)

On Ballot Access Rules:
”The state Attorney General’s Office, which represented the elections board and Attorney General Roy Cooper as defendants in the lawsuit, declined comment yesterday through a spokeswoman.” (“N.C. judge OKs state’s ballot-access rules,” The Associated Press, 5/28/2009) [VIDEO]

On Sexual Harassment Lawsuit:
”A spokeswoman for Attorney General Roy Cooper declined comment.” (“Supreme Court won’t hear Dorrance sexual harassment lawsuit,” The Associated Press, 10/1/2007)

On SBI Personnel Firing:
”Department spokeswoman Noelle Talley declined comment on Conner’s ruling.”(“Judge: SBI’s agent firing was justified,” The Associated Press, 8/27/2014)

On Felons Owning A Gun:
”The office of N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper, who defended the state law in the case, declined to comment on the ruling.” (“Felon wins the right to own a gun,”NC Institute for Constitutional Law, 9/1/2009)

On Vet School Lawsuit:
”A spokeswoman for the N.C. Department of Justice, which has defended the vet school, declined to comment.” (Michael Biesecker, “North Carolina Appeals Court Rules in Legal Fight Over Dead Dog,” The Associated Press, 2/23/2012)

On Guns:
”A spokeswoman for Attorney General Roy Cooper said her office was representing the agriculture department in the matter but declined further comment.” (“Group: Gun ban at NC State Fair is illegal,” The Associated Press, 10/9/2014)

On Michael Peterson Case:
”The attorney general’s office declined to comment” (Tamara Gibbs, “Michael Peterson Faces December Hearing,” ABC11, 12/7/2011)

On Redistricting Lawsuits:
”Attorney General Roy Cooper’s office declined comment” (“NC Legislature must make boundary changes again,” WRAL, 5/12/2009) 

On SBI Investigations:
“Noelle Talley, a spokeswoman for the N.C. Department of Justice, had no comment, but confirmed that the SBI has an ongoing investigation at the Sherrif’s Office at District Attorney Johnson Britt’s request.” (“SBI questions deputies, individuals,” The Robesonian, 7/27/2015)

On Fellow Democrats:
“Neither Easley nor Cooper had comments Friday afternoon.” (“Embattled Nifong Says He’ll Resign,” WRAL-TV, 6/15/2007)

On His Political Ambitions:
“A political aide to Cooper, strategist Morgan Jackson, said Thursday the attorney general wouldn’t comment on his plans.” (Mike Baker, “Moore vs. Cooper? Dispute hints at politics ahead,” Associated Press, 12/4/2008)

On The Environment:
“Attorney General Roy Cooper, who led the charge against TVA’s pollution, was unavailable for comment Monday. Cooper, a Democrat, is expected to run for governor in 2016.” (John Murawski, “Northern states want smog reductions from NC, other states,” The News & Observer, 12/9/2013)

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  1. Rose says:

    I hope Roy Cooper realizes how dangerous times are . years ago LGBT use the appropriate bathroom they can continue to do the same. I’ am a democrat who is ashamed of what this world is coming too. It’s a shame for so much wrong to take place and Americans are standing for it. And for the president Obama, standing against everything that gives our kids a better life. Pat MCcory stand if you have to stand alone. I’m praying for you.


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