Lt. Governor Forest: Charter School Myths vs Facts [VIDEO] – #NCed

Another great video from Lt. Governor Dan Forest!

This one is on charter schools. I’m very glad he did this one, and he rightly addresses the assault on charter schools as coming from those defending the status quo.

I’ve said this same thing  many times. There is some valid criticism of charter schools, however the majority of the push back comes in the form of protectionist rhetoric.

Such rhetoric’s ultimate landing point is that of  impugning parents who are unsatisfied with their public school and want to choose for the best educational fit for their child.



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  2. bydesign001 says:

    My son attends Success Academy in NYC which is under attack by everyone from Comme Bill de Blasio to the UFT to the Parents Union to parents whose children did not make the lottery.

    The first attacks against SA were that there were no Black children, lol. Yeah, they actually went there.

    After failure of the race card, the attacks morphed into children from poor communities being omitted. Another fail.

    Next Eva Moskowitz is evil and so on and so on and so on.

    Yes, Moskowitz is demanding on teachers and pushes students to excel but my grandson is excelling further than could possibly be imagined in any public school in New York City in spite of that freaking Common Core crap.



  3. brackenkaren says:

    His video is full of untruths and exaggerations. Charters get a TON of federal money and huge tax breaks. Real research can punch huge holes in what he states.


    • A.P. Dillon says:

      Feel free to post said research, Karen.

      This video is specific to NC charter schools, which are public schools.
      I’ve done the research on them — his video is accurate.


  4. brackenkaren says:

    What you are missing is the Charter school of yesterday is not the Charter of today and the Charter of the today is not the Charter of the future. The REAL agenda is to privatize traditional public schools, eliminate elected school boards (also eliminates parents voice) and when the time is right every mom and pop Charter that might have good education in their heart will be eaten up by the big boys funded by Gates, Walton, Broad. There is no good outcome from Charters because the goal is not better education. It is all about $$$$$. 10-20 years from now when all our public and private schools are gone and there are no more elected school boards and schools are still producing less than good results (of course we can make the results anything we want and I am sure they will). When kids are graduating and the only thing they can do is the job they trained to do and nothing else we will rue the day we every allowed Charters into the education system. There is an agenda and I am surprised you do not see it. Anyone that truly understands what is happening in education cannot agree with Charters and those that do truly are not as tuned in as they think they are.


    • A.P. Dillon says:

      The privatization theme is one I’ve heard before, yet no one seems to have an answer to fixing the antiquated public school model which is driving the demand for charters and more choice.
      Any thoughts there?

      I’ve heard the agenda you reference before as well. I can see how that can happen — with private charters. Again, this video is dealing with NC PUBLIC charters.


      • brackenkaren says:

        PUBLIC Charters funded with public money (both state and federal) will abide by state/federal regulations. So tell me how is going from a failing traditional public school that is using the global education system to a publicly funded Charter using the same standards and assessments will bring about improvement. To date that has not been the case and in the future these schools will all be owned by the big boys training the future workers for the global economy. That is what the entire agenda is all about. Training not education. School to work. We keep trying to address the symptom and not the real problem.


      • A.P. Dillon says:

        Tell me how parents should keep their kids in a failing public school that will never change is the answer?

        Public charters do have to go by the standard course of study, but how they teach it is up to them, unlike the traditional public school which has the pedagogy dictated to them.

        I’m sorry, we’re going to have to agree to disagree here. I think charters serve an important role in bringing about change of the traditional system.

        Sometimes you have to tear one down in order to get there.


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