Lil’ Tricia Joins List of Candidates Not Running For Reelection – #ncga

Lil’ Tricia has joined the list of General Assembly members not seeking reelection in 2016.

She did *so* much for education. Or did she? I’m sure Atkinson not getting out of the way so she could run for Superintendent was a let down or maybe 10 years is enough for her.

I’m sure we’re all terribly sad to see her go.

cotham core politicizingNo. Not really.

I know I’m not going to miss her, especially when I watched her mock parents concerned about Common Core in front of the media.

Cotham sat there in front of the cameras and politicized the hell out of Common Core after criticizing others for politicizing Common Core.

Using our kids as political currency… that’s education advocacy!

Sure, thank her for her service, but know hers was a partisan effort as highlighted in her farewell letter posted to her website. There’s a copy below.  Note that I have bolded the text in the final paragraph, where she talks about a quote she kept on her desk.

Dear Friends:

After reflection and prayer I write to you to say I am ready for the next chapter…..

My experience in the North Carolina Legislature for the last five terms has changed and enhanced my life.  I have enjoyed the honor and thrill of public service and I am grateful to the people who elected me and to my colleagues and community leaders who have consistently supported me all along the way.

While serving in the NC House, I married Jerry Meek, the love of my life, gave birth to two wonderful boys.  I started a business and enacted important legislation that I know will strengthen families, schools, and the future of North Carolina.  I will forever be proud of my efforts and success in making NC a better place.  When I became a legislator in 2007, I was the youngest woman to have ever served.  I am proud that I helped to “crack the glass ceiling” on behalf of other women at the General Assembly.  I hope other young women will hear the message that they too can serve and that we need them!

I’ve worked hard “to lean in” in multiple public and private endeavors, and now, it’s time for me to “lean in” more with my family and with my own life.  My oldest son will start school next fall and it is important to me that I be home for him and many other milestones in my children’s lives.  To that end, I must close this chapter of service in the NC General Assembly and start the next chapter of my life.  I am excited for what my future holds and I know that public service will continue to be a part of my life.  As I take a pause from my time in elected office, I will always be extremely grateful to the residents of NC House District 100 who took a chance on a 28 year-old young woman and allowed me to represent them for almost 10 years. 

On my desk in the NC House Chamber, I have looked at a quote that reads, “I am in politics because of the conflict between good and evil, and I believe that in the end, good will triumph.”  I am an optimist and still believe this quote.  I am proud to have contributed to the good, by my actions and legislation.  I look forward to serving out the remaining year of my term.

God bless America and God bless the great people of North Carolina.

State Representative Tricia Ann Cotham

She sees politics as a battle of ‘good and evil’. Cotham is a Democrat and she claims to be ‘good’. So, who are the evil ones, Ms. Cotham?

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