When Sanctuary City Proponents Attack? – #hb318 #ncpol

Have the opinion that  Sanctuary cities are bad policy, get your business, staff and family threatened.

Dr. Rosemary Fernandez Stein, a latino woman, dared to have such an opinion and that is exactly what happened.

But who was doing the threatening?  Read the whole chain of events… this might not sit well with some people.

Via Facebook, here is what she reported and included a Spanish translation below the original:

Rosemary Fernandez Stein shared her post.  2 hrs ·

Good morning, Friends.
Yesterday and the day before, I was the object of attacks over the internet, Facebook, and phone.
My employees were threatened, shouted down and cursed at. The City Police is patrolling our Clinic for the next several days and nights to keep our patients, employees and practice safe. Dozens of parents called the Clinic to have their charts closed and refused to speak with me when I offered to explain my position.
This is occurring merely because I stood with Governor McCrory when he signed HB 318, The NC Bill abolishing Sanctuary Cities. My position in standing with the Governor and our NC HB 318 is to protect all of our children and all loved ones from persons with a criminal record that are not documented. Our children deserve to be able to play outside and walk down the street without fear of predators. I stand for our kids and their basic right to grow up in a safe environment. I have been a pediatrician committed to safeguarding and optimizing our children’s potential. I will continue to do that.
Please share with all, especially your Spanish speaking friends. Thanks to all who have supported my family and I and are praying for us.

This was a follow-up to this Facebook post, emphasis added:

There have been many wrong statements made about many things on Facebook, and I want to clear them up. First, I am a first generation immigrant to poor parents in New York. I have lived in three countries over my lifetime. 16 years ago, I started the International Family Clinic to provide the same excellent care to the Hispanic community that was reserved for non-Hispanics. In my opinion, the health care system at that time discriminated against Hispanics. Our clinic employs Hispanics so that there is no language barrier for the parents to understand what is in the best interest of the health of their children. I take great care to ensure that our patients have the best possible care.

I was asked by the Governor to serve on the Hispanic Affairs Council. Here, I brought attention to the Governor of the fact that our Hispanic children have a 50% graduation rate from school in Alamance county. I was asked by the North Carolina senate to serve on the Minority Health Advisory panel to help North Carolina understand the health problems that Hispanics face. I was also asked by the Governor to sit on the board of directors of the North Carolina Smart Start to help better educate our young Hispanic children before they reach Kindergarten.

In Alamance, I started the program called The Mustard Seed to help tutor Hispanic children who are struggling to keep up in school. This program helps 20 kids each year. I also had a Boy Scout pack that taught soccer and Boy Scout lessons to 10 – 15 Hispanic boys each year. For six years, I served as a Trustee at Alamance Community College where I tried to increase the number of our kids who graduate and get a degree so that they can get better jobs for their families.

For the past 16 years, I have worked to help the Hispanic children of Alamance county and of North Carolina. No one in our community has worked harder. Sanctuary cities put our children at risk. Criminals have a free pass to break the law again and again without risk while harming our kids. There have been cases in North Carolina and in other states of criminals who should have been in jail who were released and harmed or killed our children. This breaks my heart as a mother. We must protect our kids. This is the only part of the law that I supported.

Hispanics must not let others generate false fear in order to manipulate us. Take the time to read the bill 318 and not take other’s information. It should be clear to any reasonable person that I have devoted my life to ensure the best possible success and safety for our children.

Rosemary Fernandez Stein, MD

Aaaand one more:

Look who showed up at the Second District Executive Committee Meeting tonight!! I thanked Governor Pat McCrory again for making HB 318 the law of the land in NC. We held the pen that he gave me as a gift for being present at the signing of the bill!

Rosemary Fernandez Stein's photo.

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