Rep. Holloway Is Latest GOPer to Leave #NCGA

Rep. Bryan Holloway has announced he will be leaving the NC General Assembly for a post at the NC School Boards Association. Holloway is the latest in a series of high profile GOPer’s not seeking reelection to the General Assembly.

The Stokes News reported:

Rep. Bryan Holloway announced Friday that he will be resigning from the North Carolina House of Representatives immediately to pursue a position with the North Carolina School Boards Association.

Holloway, who served 91st District’s Stokes and Rockingham counties for 11 years, said his main interest had always been improving education.

“I am pleased to announce I will be joining the North Carolina School Boards Association as the Associate Director of Governmental Relations,” he said Friday. “I will be starting on Monday and will be lobbying for them during the short session as well as helping to communicate with school boards across the state.”

So, Holloway is trading in his legislature seat to become what is essentially a lobbyist for the overall mission of  the NC School Boards Association (NCSBA)?

Here is a link to the NCSBA press release.

The NCSBA is a non-profit organization registered with the NC Secretary of State and as such is a 501(c)3. Readers can find their document filings here.

The first articles of incorporation were filed in 1995, although the NCSBA has been around since the late 1930’s. They have a Business affiliates program, where businesses can ‘buy in’ to a partnership with the NCSBA.

I tried  finding their IRS 990 forms, however I came up empty using the IRS’s lookup tool.  It is a possibility that the NCSBA is filing under another name, because a search of the IRS database came up empty for a search using their operating name of  North Carolina School Boards Association, Inc.

I’ve submitted an inquiry to the NCSBA for information on the non-profit status, including financials. We’ll see what comes of that.


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