Hey, Associated Press? @WRAL? You Missed A Mug Shot

WRAL has an article * via the Associated Press about the recent changes to the North Carolina voter ID law.  The star of their story is one Charise Dill who claims to be ‘disenfranchised’:

Charise Dill, 25, of Henderson County said in a sworn statement she was twice refused photo IDs at DMV offices. She said she was working two jobs and going to community college and couldn’t afford a photo ID. DMV workers told her she couldn’t get a free ID, she said.

“It was an embarrassing experience and I do not want to experience that again; no one should have to go through this to get an ID to vote,” Dill said. Press Millen, an attorney representing individuals suing in state court, said the “landscape has changed tremendously” with the changes.

*WRAL has removed the article from their site, but it can still be viewed at the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine HERE.

More at Citizen Times.

I’m sure that was embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as missing some details about Charise Dill, including Ms. Dill’s arrest record in South Carolina for shoplifting.


Kind of ironic to be arrested for shoplifting when at the time she worked in retail according to her LinkedIn profile. That same profile says she is studying to be a teacher.

According to her Facebook page, Dill still works in retail as an, “Independent Distributor at Independent Distributor for It Works! Global and Cashier at Walmart Past: Dollar General”.

One can’t totally fault the reporter for missing that arrest – their Google was probably broken?

Southern Coalition for Social Justice left Dill’s arrest tidbit out of their article on too. However, there is another interesting claim from the Southern Coalition for Social Justice article on Ms. Dill:

Charise wasn’t able to get her driver’s license that day, but she asked if she could register to vote.  The DMV employee told Charise that she would not be able to register to vote because she did not have a North Carolina photo ID. 

Unfortunately, this DMV employee was incorrect as North Carolina photo identification is not required when completing a North Carolina Voter Registration Application.  Relying on this state official’s advice, Charise left the NC DMV without registering to vote.

Really? She didn’t get registered to vote?

That’s funny, because the NC State Board of Elections has a voter registration record for Ms. Charise Rashaun Dill of Hendersonville.

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A.P. Dillon is a reporter currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_ Tips: APDillon@Protonmail.com
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12 Responses to Hey, Associated Press? @WRAL? You Missed A Mug Shot

  1. Magazine Rep says:

    God Bless You and the work you do for all of us.

    Carl Mischka
    Chairman Craven County GOP


  2. Great job LL1885!

    Respectfully submitted by SD2010.


  3. RedHotPoker says:

    …at least Ms. Dill had the good sense to register UNaffiliated !!! Who’d have thought it?


  4. Guy Finger says:

    The way things are going today I wonder if the anti-Christ might be liberals.


  5. Anne G says:

    For those of us out of state can you clarify – Can one obtain a free photo ID (not drivers license) from NC? Is that what she was trying to get? Why did they deny one to her? Because of the arrest record? What does that have to do with an ID or does that impact the “free” part of the transaction? If she lied on her sworn statements, will the district attorney file perjury charges?


    • One should be able to obtain a free photo ID from the NC DMV. It came to light that the DMV had not been doing so and should have.
      I have been unable to find out why a free ID or NC license was denied to her twice as she claimed.
      The claim was also made she was unable to register to vote, yet I found her to be registered.
      The arrest record was something I came across and arguably goes to the question of the complainants credibility.

      If she lived in GA and SC, did she have a license there?


      • Anne G says:

        Thanks for the info. If she is being used as an example of a broken system, her sponsors can expect a tepid public reaction at best.


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  7. VraisUSA says:

    Reblogged this on Vrais USA's Blog and commented:
    Sometimes, you have to look just a bit beyond the basics to find out what’s really going on. However, most media types are lazy and have their own agenda. Why research to see what the REAL story is when the fake story is far more interesting?


  8. Kathy says:

    God bless you, Andrea, for tracking this down! To all the liberals who say Voter ID laws restrict voting — only to those not eligible to vote or those voting multiple times, as has been abundantly documented in recent elections. In the 2012 election a woman voted giving MY address, and I spent a week before the election talking to the local Supervisor of Elections office trying to get them to deny her the opportunity to vote with that registration (probably one of several!), and they finally told me it was MY WORD AGAINST HERS that she DIDN’T LIVE IN MY HOUSE! They allowed her to vote. She didn’t have to produce a picture ID with a local address; all she had to do was produce several addresses over a period of several days and claim to live in all of them. If the Supervisors of Elections are all Democrats, what do you THINK is going on with these multiple ballots from the same people?


    • She clearly has a job and has lived in two states besides NC — does she walk to work, get a ride? Did she have a license before? These articles the media does ask no questions whatsoever.


  9. Magazine Rep says:

    God Bless You for who you are and for what you do.

    Carl Mischka
    Chairman, Craven County GOP


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