Durham Protests: Targeting African American males is “new form of slavery”

In case you missed it, there were protests in Durham over the tensions in Baltimore.


News and Observer’s article included video.

The article says this protest was characterized by some as a “Black Lives Matter May Day”. In the video, an unidentified speaker addressing the crowd stated several times that “African-American males are being targeted” and that this is a “new form of slavery”.

In the Daily Tar Heel’s reporting on the Durham event, the article cites one of the protesters referenced the ‘Duke noose’:

“When people say, ‘What does this have to do with Chapel Hill?’ Look at Duke,” Blackwell said. “One month ago we saw a noose on Duke’s campus.”

The Daily Tar Heel does not provide any information on who Blackwell is.

Meanwhile, the ‘Duke Noose’ incident, which launched the hashtag #NotSafeUNC, has been debunked in a manner of speaking.  Apparently, a student wrote a letter to Duke officials taking credit for the noose. Duke still refuses to identify the student.

The College Fix letter calls this letter “fishy”:

This is incredibly fishy.

First, there’s no explanation whether the open letter was required by the administration or suggested by the student, who “has gone through the student conduct process and after receiving a sanction is eligible to return to campus next semester.” Basically, if there was a quid pro quo.

The parts about “my background and heritage,” and how the community “completely justifiably” embarked on a progressive wish list of funding and training in response, sound like they were written by race activists.

The College Fix is onto something there.

My personal gut reaction after reading the letter was similar.  This line in particular was over the top and displayed some serious weapons grade stupid:

“At the time, I truly did not appreciate the historical sensitivity of a noose hanging in a tree.”


Excuse me, but what rock does this person live under? This person attends Duke, right?

I was reminded of an exchange in the movie, X-men.  Remember the character Storm can summon lightning:

[trapped inside the Statue of Liberty]

Cyclops: Storm, fry him!

Magneto: Oh yes! A bolt of lightning into a huge copper conductor. I thought you lived at a school?

Another portion of this letter just doesn’t track:

Wait-what“My purpose in hanging the noose was merely to take some pictures with my friends together with the noose, and then texting it to some others inviting them to come and “hang out” with us — because it was such a nice day outside.”

Remember, I located the original tweet (from one Justin Elliott) that had a picture of the noose in question.

It was discovered at just before 2 AM outside the student union. I find it incredibly hard to believe it had been there earlier in day.  This does not track with the this person who wrote the letter wanting us to believe it happened earlier and they texted their friends to come hang out “because it was such a nice day outside.”

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