Shocker: Two Pro-Core Groups Now Pushing AGAINST Rewrite Of NCLB

Government here to help common coreThe Blaze is reporting on two Pro-Common Core groups who are now pushing against the rewrite of the flawed NCLB.  The Blaze report is based on an op-ed at the Washington post penned by:

“Thomas J. Donohue is president and chief executive of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Wade Henderson is president and chief executive of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.”

The op-ed opposing the NCLB rewrite is ironically titled, “Don’t undo the nation’s education progress“.

The tone deafness in the op-ed by the US Chamber of Commerce and the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights is unreal.  

The first excerpt below is especially hilarious given that the a WHOIS on the website for the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human rights ( comes from a K street address in Washington, D.C.

Excerpts via The Blaze:

“Are we going to bow to the special interests of adults, or will we stand strong for the special interest that has no lobby — our children?” said the op-ed written by leaders of interest groups. “We have made great progress for millions of kids since NCLB. Let’s not return to a time when these students were left in the shadows.”


“First, students must be given annual statewide assessments, which provide the only way for us to accurately measure what students are learning,” the op-ed said. “Let’s be clear: The federal law only requires students to be tested once or twice a year. Concern about overtesting is driven by local and state policies, not by Washington.”

Shorter: All our kids are belong to them and how dare parents object to labeling kids with test scores, it’s all the fault of the states… or something.

Washington Post has a brief summary of some of the changes to the 600 page bill.  One area in particular is likely the cause for such a reversal by the Chamber of Commerce and the ‘Leadership Conference’.

Excerpts from Washington Post:


The bill says states have to assure the federal government they have “challenging” standards but that’s about it. What’s more, the federal government isn’t allowed to mandate or encourage states to adopt any standards, including as a condition of competitive grants, the way the Obama administration used Race to the Top to nudge 43 states and the District to embrace the Common Core.


States would design their own systems to hold schools accountable for educating kids. It must include graduation rates, English proficiency rates for English learners and some measure of college or career readiness. But it could include other measures, including not just students’ test scores but how much they grow academically over the course of a school year or the number of students enrolled in Advanced Placement or honors classes.

By the way, The Blaze article hyperlinks to the ‘Leadership Conference’ in their article. That link takes you to survey press release touting ‘strong support for Common Core’ and “Levels of Support Highest Among African Americans, Hispanics”.

Scroll down and see the methodology.  This ‘strong support’ is based on only 1,375 people surveyed in 3 waves of calls.  According to their own methodology documentation, these calls were made in only three states –  Georgia, Tennessee and Colorado.

Perhaps the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights needs more Gates money ?

Leadership Conference Education Fund, Inc.

Date: September 2014
Purpose: to support the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund, Inc. to educate, inform, convene and communicate with its national coalition of civil rights advocates about the US Program’s Education Strategies
Amount: $1,730,567
Term: 18
Topic: Global Policy & Advocacy
Program: United States
Grantee Location: Washington, District of Columbia
Grantee Website:

The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation received over $1.9 million from the Gates Foundation in 2013 for the express purpose “to support Common Core State Standards implementation”.


Common Core And Minority Students

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  2. wewontforget says:

    Thank God these idiots have no idea what is REALLY in the reauthorization. Shhhhh let’s just keep it our little secret.


  3. Kathy Young says:

    EDUCATIONAL PROGRESS??? Only a liberal could call 50 steps backwards “progress.” Isn’t it amazing how many of those pro-CC folks are making money off it, like June Atkinson?


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