Pearson Is Everywhere: All Those Government Contracts

PearsonWelcome back to Pearson Is Everywhere!

Last time we looked at how Pearson silences opposing viewpoints.


Today, we’re looking at how fat Pearson has gotten off government contracts, with the vast majority of them between Pearson and the Department of Defense.
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Pearson is making millions upon millions in state contracts, but how much is Pearson making from federal contracts?  How many of these contracts include staffing for Common Core like this 2013 job posting from the Department of Defense?

Let’s take a look at some Pearson accounts at, but it exploring them yourself is suggested.

Note:  Federal contracts to Pearson appear to have been granted an exemption from reporting executive compensation (Section 6202 of Public Law 11-252) and are therefore exempt from reporting certain items. This is arguably a hit to transparency when it comes to the tax payer dollars spent.

Be aware, NCS Pearson acquired KEI in 2001.
The information below is as of 2-3-15 and some of which is historical in content.


Pearson Education Holdings Inc.
580 contracts worth $2,375,412.
The Department of Defense was top of the list in number of contracts overall with 578, while the Department of the Interior only had 2.

Top Agencies awarding those contracts:
1. Department of Defense – $2,357,385
2. Department of the Interior – $18,027

Summary of Pearson Education Holdings Inc. via

NCS Pearson
1,501 contracts worth $1,347,523,465
These contracts skyrocketed from $3.6 million in 2012 to $19.6 million in both 2013 and 2014.  The Department of Defense topped the list for the number of contracts overall with 529 whereas the Department of Education only had 161.

Top agencies awarding those contracts:
1. Department of Transportation – $541,028,757
2. Department of Education – $417,102,237
3. Department of Health and Human Services – $229,283,340
4. Department of Labor – $45,554,816
5. Department of Homeland Security – $40,559,980

Summary of NCS Pearson via

KEI Pearson
416 contracts worth $69,030,809.
The agencies with the most contracts overall were the Department of Defense with 17,451,364 and the Department of Education with 10,693,664.

Top agencies awarding those contracts:
1. Social Security Administration – $9,869,470,755,412
2. Department of Health and Human Services – $9,760,967,309,967
3. Department of Homeland Security – $5,507,146,892,804
4. Department of Defense – $4,351,167,442,786
5. Federal Emergency Management Agency – $1,916,609,682,609

Summary of KEI Pearson via

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  3. Hotstuff says:

    1. You can absolutely link to results on – here is a link to all of the ‘historical’ contracts with KEI Pearson as recipient – totaling $69M:

    2. Still do not have any evidence that KEI Pearson is any affiliation with Pearson Education – again is a fake website and not affiliated with Pearson.

    3. In the screenshot PDF on Scribd, there is no mention in the results whatsoever that this data is for KEI Pearson (only in your Scribd title). I think it is because $37T is about the amount of the *entire US Federal Budget Spend*, “historically”, for the entire period covered by


  4. Eric Johnson says:

    There is a problem with your KEI Petersen numbers as they amount to $37 Trillion. Since that exceeds the fed budget by a bunch, something is being misplaced….


    • As I noted before the list of contracts, the information is historical.


      • Hotstuff says:

        – To the best of my knowledge, KEI Pearson is not affiliated with Pearson Education. The link you provided to assert the acquisition is hosted by, which is a fake website not affiliated with Pearson.

        – shows historical KEI spending 2000-2015 at $11B, not $37T.

        – The link you provide to KEI spending is not, but a screenshot hosted on scribd. $37T is likely the *entire* US Federal Budget spend for the 15 years covers.


      • Pearson bought KEI as a data arm to get into government contracts.

        “The link you provide to KEI spending is not, but a screenshot hosted on scribd. $37T is likely the *entire* US Federal Budget spend for the 15 years covers.”

        It is a PDF of the summary data from, which I uploaded to SCRIBD since you cannot link directly to the document at

        37 trillion is the historical spending, as I stated in the article prefacing the data presented.


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