#DM7 Article: #NCSEN Race Goes Republican, Harry Reid Hardest Hit

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#NCSEN Race Goes Republican, Harry Reid Hardest Hit


  By A.P. Dillon

This week, the Republicans scored big for the U.S. Senate and maintained control of the House as well.  This morning I found myself repeating the words, “Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader”.   That phrase will never get old.  

North Carolina was one of the most expensive races and Harry Reid’s PAC dumped millions into it.  I wish I could have seen his face when Hagan lost in what was record midterm voter turn out in the state  of 2,915,757

In cast you missed a few memos, I’ve been documenting Democrat Kay Hagan’s very bad month here at Da Tech Guy.  Scandal and an investigation into a conflict of interest plagued Hagan in the weeks leading up to election night.

In North Carolina, the #waronwomen candidate became a ‘one and done’ candidate, as Thom Tillis surged passed her. Tillis made up ground fast. At one point, Tillis erased Hagan’s 100k lead in the blink of an eye. Tillis made consistent gains after that and held them as the night progressed.   

Sad trombone for the Hagan camp.

Point of interest: Every race where James O’Keefe had an investigation, Democrats lost.

On the Congressional side of North Carolina, Renee Ellmers was reelected. Her challenger, Clay Aiken came in second yet again and enjoyed having his bus towed after he voted.  Jake Tapper with an epic troll on the race:


Legislature races in North Carolina also yielded majority Republican wins despite being outspent by Democrats.

The House side of the North Carolina General Assembly maintained its super majority with Democrats only able to flip three seats.  In the Senate, Republicans picked up a seat and kept the super majority there as well.


Looking at the national and the local races in North Carolina, the following things stand out to me:

  • The war on women mantras fell flat.
  • Both Clinton’s campaigned for Hagan and she still lost.
  • Fracking and climate change were apparently non-issues in local state races.
  • Democrats outspent Republicans in both national and state races, yet they lost anyway.
  • The sweep seems to indicate a rejection of Obama and those tied to him; Obamacare was a factor but the President’s policies overall were on the ballot – just as he said.


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