#DM7 Article: #NCSEN: Hagan’s Campaign Collapsing

The following is a repost of my weekly Da Tech Guy column:  #NCSEN: Hagan’s Campaign Collapsing


By A.P. Dillon

Kay Hagan has been having a very bad month.

Last week, I wrote about how her family’s investments were steeped in companies who are sending jobs overseas while retraining the employees impacted through a tax payer funded government program.

The article before that I wrote about how Hagan skipped critical meetings, including one on ISIS, in order to fundraise.

Prior to both of these bombshells, we learned that Hagan’s family businesses had pocketed stimulus cash to the tune of $390k. We’ve just learned this week that scandal is worse than we originally thought, with an additional $400k added to the Hagan windfall and what looks to be a company created by one of Hagan’s family members just to take advantage of the stimulus funds.

Carolina Journal summed it up:

But here’s where we stand: Companies owned by family members of Kay Hagan got more than $400,000 in taxpayer funding to finance upgrades at facilities and for businesses they own — not just the $300,000 in stimulus and USDA grants we initially found. The grants used tax dollars to offset the costs of improvements in the physical plant, and provide tax breaks for one of the companies, and reduce the energy bills of another. Kay Hagan’s husband and son created a solar company and allowed it to handle some of the work. And we’re still digging for additional documentation.

As this excerpt above mentions, the total mentions money beyond the stimulus in the form of a USDA grant. A grant of which apparently the USDA office is blocking access to the records.

Let us not forget Kay Hagan’s judicial foray that also benefited her family and of which Instapundit noted, “CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: Kay Hagan Put Judge Up for Federal Appointment As Judge Ruled on Husband’s Million-Dollar Lawsuit.

A very bad month indeed.

So bad, Kay Hagan declined to a debate this week. Her staff stated they agreed to three debates back in July and that this one was not on the schedule. Whether the Hagan campaign likes it or not, they are in a tight race and every appearance counts — scheduled or not.

Her absence on Tuesday evening was noted and has been tweeted repeatedly using the hashtag #EmptyChair.  Fitting.

Hagan’s team decided to tweet during the debate though. How brave of them.

Also, when you’ve lost Maddow


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