The CCSSO, UNC, NC And India

Back in June of this year, I asked Where in the world is June Atkinson?

Turned out that Dr. Atkinson was in India courtesy of the Center for International Understanding (CIU).  As it turns out, another top education official in another state is also interested in India.  Coincidence? Maybe.  A lot of Common Core tied entities and links are tracing back to India these days.  

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So, back to why am I bringing CIU back up.

Turns out there are ties between CUI and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO).  [Quick Reminder: Dr. Atkinson is president-elect of the CCSSO]

Let’s follow this strand of the web from the center, CCSSO, out to the edge that’s right here in North Carolina. I’d like to thank Common Core Diva for sending me much of the details I am about to unload.

Global Ed Web

CCSSO uses Innovation Lab Network for its Common Core experiments.

Innovation Lab Network is linked to KnowledgeWorks, New Tech Network, EDWorks, and Strive Together.  Strive Together’s site has a creeptastic rotating front page header that includes messages like “Every child. Cradle to Career” and “Nationwide cradle to career network”.

KnowledgeWorks has been around since about 2005. Their purpose is a ‘future forecast vision’ of education. They are obsessed with data and yes, they have received Gates grants.
Hit the CommonCoreDiva’s post on KnowledgeWorks for a lot of details.

KnowledgeWorks partners with the  International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL).  iNACOL is managed by MetisNet. iNACOL partners with Achieve, Inc. American Youth Policy Forum, Jobs for Future and the National Governors Association.

KnowledgeWorks had an employee named Cris Mulder, who was their VP of Marketing in 2013. Snippet from the press release of the VP spot Mulder was hired into; emphasis added:

Mulder most recently served as the Deputy Secretary of Communications for the North Carolina Department of Transportation where she led all communication efforts for the second largest transportation network in the U.S. Prior to joining NCDOT, she was Chief Communications Officer for the Wake County, NC Public School System, the 16th largest school system in the nation. Mulder was also instrumental in the development and implementation of the repositioning of a 20+ year old brand and corporate marketing initiatives at VIF International Education as their Director of Marketing. There, she most notably created the communications and brand strategy for the Global School Network.  

The press release also mentions Mulder worked for Microsoft.

Ms. Mulder also serves on the board for CIU; A board which contains former Bill Gates employees and other Common Core promoters.  Mulder’s bio for the board includes this at the bottom:

She currently serves on the District 7 Board Advisory Council for the Wake County Board of Education and as a member of the marketing committee for the Wake Education Partnership.

Two points from this extended bio on Ms. Mulder:

1. Multiple members of the Wake County Board of Education has pushed Common Core. Mostly, they parroted the approved pro-core talking points.  Now we have an idea of who might have crafted those talking points.

2. Wake Education Partnership has locked arms with the Chamber of Commerce on Common Core.  Wake Education partnership is a “strong supporter of the Common Core“:

“Wake Education Partnership is a strong supporter of the Common Core. As one of the business community’s most important voices on education issues in Wake County, the Partnership was quick to support an effort that holds schools to higher standards and provides students with stronger skills. Allowing Common Core to reach its potential will not be easy. Real progress rarely is. But we are confident it can succeed if we support our teachers, principals and students in the endeavor.”
– Steve Parrott, President, Wake Education Partnership

Of note, Wake Education Partnership is chaired by Caroline McCullen of SAS.  SAS has been advocating for Common Core yet does not use it in their own Cary Academy.

Fun Side Fact: Sometime during Governor Easley’s term, CIU released their World Action plan titled, “A Plan to Increase Student Knowledge and Skills About the World“.  You can tell it had to be during Easley’s time frame because Howard Lee was on the State Board of Education and signs the opening letter on the report.  One of the endorsers of this plan was Kay Hagan, at that time a state legislator. 

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