#DM7 Article: Hagan Admits Skipping Vital Committee Meetings To Fundraise #NCSEN

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By A.P. Dillon

On Tuesday evening, the 2nd Senate debate between NC Speaker of the House Thom Tillis and NC Senator Kay Hagan took place.  It was a typical debate in that the challenger would pose a question and the incumbent would dodge answering said question.  This debate was a little different from the first in terms of Hagan’s posturing and overall hostility throughout the event. She was clearly on the defensive.

One question that was repeatedly asked and not answered was her attendance of Armed Services committee meetings, specifically ones on ISIS. Hagan has been accused of skipping meetings to fundraise instead.  Hagan did not answer the question during the debate. Instead, she opted to wait until people turned off their televisions and answer the question at a post-debate press conference.

Hagan confirmed she skipped out on a critical ISIS meeting to go fundraising.


Hagan claims it was just one meeting.  Given her reticence to answer the question in front of North Carolina voters, color me skeptical on that one.

What she missed was pretty critical:


It was also uncovered yesterday that Hagan also skipped another important meeting. This one was on Ebola.  The irony here is that she skipped the meeting on Ebola to do a photo-op with an Ebola survivor:

Senator Kay Hagan (D., N.C.) appears to have excused herself from an extended Congressional hearing on the Ebola virus last month, but not before taking time to get her photo taken with Ebola survivor Dr. Kent Brantley.

The Senate Appropriations Committee posted photos of Hagan and Brantley sitting in the committee waiting room on its Flickr page, along with others photos for the actual hearing, which lasted nearly three hours and featured testimony from top officials from the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health.

Video of the hearing, which took place on Tuesday, September 16, is available here. Hagan does not appear to have attended, or participated in any way, while Senator Richard Burr (R., N.C) was present for almost the entirety of the hearing.

Hagan seems to be making a habit of missing important meetings. She has come under fire for skipping a classified briefing in February on the rise of ISIS in Iraq in order to attend a fundraiser in Manhattan.  – Washington Free Beacon

Of note last night, the second major question asked by moderator George Stephanopolous was on Common Core.

Tillis came out with the right answer, saying that Common Core was cutting into the rights of states to enact education as they see fit and curbing the freedom of teachers.

Hagan came back defending Common Core by using the worn out and debunked talking points used by Common Core supporters.

Hagan failed to mention much of her time at the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee (HELP) was spent pushing a re-authorization of the failed No Child Left Behind program via the STAR Act. There’s a lot more to this Core support of Hagan’s. Read more about STAR and Hagan’s support of Common Core.  Elected officials backing the Common Core do so at their own peril and Hagan’s rhetoric on being a big education defender is negated by this support for the Common Core Standards.


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