CMS Schools Still Pushing Sales Tax Issue; Using School Resources?

More politicking being done in our schools.

A citizen on Twitter alerted me that CMS (Charlotte-Mecklenburg) schools are still pushing the sales tax referendum out to parents. It should be questioned if school resources were being employed to do so.

Here is the tweet containing a picture of the letter parents received from the J.M Alexander principal. It invites parents to join CMS Superintendent Heath Morrison at a meeting about the proposed sales tax increase:


These letters were not the only form of communication used.

Robo-calls were made as well.

The same citizen provided me with an audio clip of one of these robo-calls. It came from Dr. Hayes (North Learning Community Superintendent). The call did not state who paid for said robo-call in the message. To me, it sounds like the kind of robo-call parents are used to getting about school events like open houses or early releases. This is leading me to believe this was done using school resources (funded by your tax dollars) specifically to target parents.

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