The Impending Hagan-Clinton Photo-Op

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What a difference time makes.



In 1998, Hagan wanted little to do with being in a photo with a portrait of President Clinton and was worried it would send a message to voters that she condoned his affair. She pressured local media to ‘do something’ about the photo running with their story.

Now she’s ready to link arms with the same man in order to save her seat.

What kind of message is that sending, Senator Hagan?  Flip. Flop.

War on women!

Via the NRSC:

“Today, Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) will “proudly” stand side-by-side with former President Bill Clinton. It’s worth noting that it wasn’t that long ago that Kay Hagan was actually embarrassed to appear next to President Clinton. In fact, she even argued with reporters, pleading with them to not publish a photo of her and the President.

In 1998 Hagan insisted that a News and Record reporter “do something” about a photograph of her and Clinton. When asked about her objection, the News and Record reported that, “Hagan said she was worried about the impression her proximity to the Clinton portrait might leave on voters. ‘I’m saying publishing this picture would imply that I stand by or condone the president’s conduct and that would be a misrepresentation of my position,’ she said.”  “

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