Hagan “certainly supportive” of Far Left Moral Monday

Local media outlets can’t be bothered to ask Kay Hagan if she skipped out on ISIS briefings, but Left leaning outlet IndyWeek did get to ask her five questions. The opening of the Indyweek article is priceless; calling her recent campaign event with the AFL-CIO ‘awkward’:

Senator Kay Hagan was the keynote speaker at the North Carolina AFL-CIO’s annual convention last week at the Hilton in North Raleigh. At the event, the union leadership urged the rank-and-file to throw their fundraising weight behind Hagan, who has rebranded herself as “The Most Moderate Senator” in preparation for her race against Thom Tillis. While AFL members and chapters seemed excited about Hagan, the pairing was a bit of an awkward date. Just before Sen. Hagan arrived, Ben Wilkins, an organizer for NC Raise Up!, called for a $15 minimum wage for fast food workers. When Hagan spoke, she pledged to get North Carolinians $10.10, and then spoke about equal pay and elder care, barely mentioning labor rights. Regardless, her speech met with thunderous applause. After her speech, Sen. Hagan stepped aside with the INDY a brief interview.


In one of the questions, she expresses her support for the far Left Moral Monday after being asked why she is distancing herself from them.

Why have you distanced yourself from Moral Monday when those were the same folks who got you elected in 2008?

[uncomfortable laugh] You know, I think Reverend Barber who has sort of championed that has done a very good job spelling out to the North Carolina public the disastrous policies that Speaker Tillis has been putting forward in Raleigh. I spend a lot of time in Washington, that’s why I haven’t actually been present—but I’m certainly supportive.

Hagan clearly wasn’t loving this question. She tries to redirect back to her main line of attack on Tillis but then awkwardly admits she’s in Washington too much to support a North Carolina cause. Got it.

Moral Monday is a collection of socialists and hard core leftists led by a man who throws down the race card before he has breakfast each morning to ensure he gets the proper amount of media attention he requires.  They are a recycled version of Occupy with a desire for more federal intrusion, more big government and more debt.

This is the collection of extremists who “moderate” Hagan is ‘certainly supportive’ of. Looks like she “moderate” Kay fits right in.

Moral Monday likes to play victim and of course, Republicans are the evil abusers. Kay Hagan’s most recent campaign move would fit right in as she disgustingly hinted at domestic abuse for her ad “Punches”.  Truly pathetic.




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