Hagan’s Contraception Talking Point Is A Dud

In the first debate against Speaker Thom Tillis, Senator Kay Hagan took the “War On Women” route. Hagan continued to repeat Tillis was for banning birth control as well as her willful misrepresentation the Hobby Lobby decision being about birth control, which it wasn’t. Flashback from Sister Toldjah:  Senate Dems, including @KayHagan, set to try & “reverse” #HobbyLobby ruling

The war on women/contraception attack flopped, as Tillis stuck a stick in the wheels of her talking point bike by stating he feels oral contraception should be made available over the counter. Hagan had no come back for this. In fact, Democrats are so freaked out by this move they’ve become more shrill and launched five-figure ad buys.

Check out this excerpt from Liberal TIME magazine below. Emphasis is mine.

GOP candidates across the country are calling for birth control pills to be available over-the-counter without a prescription, elevating a once obscure conservative proposal to reduce women’s dependence on health insurance programs. Four GOP Senate candidates have advocated for over-the-counter birth control, Colorado’s Cory Gardner, Thom Tillis in North Carolina, Ed Gillespie in Virginia, and Mike McFadden in Minnesota. “I actually agree with the American Medical Association that we should make contraception more widely available. I think over-the-counter oral contraception should be available without prescription,” Tillis said last week in his first debate against Sen. Kay Hagan.

Liberal groups, not wanting the GOP storyline to take hold, have come back swinging, accusing Republicans of engaging in a deception to fool women. On Monday, Democratic groups in Colorado launched a five-figure television ad campaign to push back on Gardner’s embrace in a television ad last week of the policy proposal, arguing that the plan could raise out-of-pocket costs for women, since insurers who now provide no-cost contraception tend not to cover over-the-counter medication.

The controversy has put Democratic candidates in the odd position of seemingly opposing a policy proposal that voters are inclined to believe they support: the availability of birth control without a doctor’s prescription. From Colorado to North Carolina, Democrats have rejected the proposal as a distraction, contending that it amounts to a clever way of undermining the new benefits provided under Obamacare.

A spokesperson for Democrat Kay Hagan of North Carolina did not respond to a request to clarify whether she would support the over-the-counter proposal, while a spokesman for Mark Udall of Colorado and official with Planned Parenthood Action Fund said they would only consider the issue as long as it is coupled with maintaining insurance mandate. In Colorado, MoveOn and NARAL Pro-Choice America released a five-figure television buy against Gardner on the issue Monday.

Did ya catch that? Democrats think women are being “fooled”… into cheaper birth control that they can choose themselves. THE HORROR.  Just how stupid and helpless to Democrats think women are? Apparently very dumb and very helpless, given their ad buys. Riiiight.

Stick a fork in the “War on Women”.  Stick a fork in Kay Hagan.



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