Hypocrite Hagan’s Claim Boomerangs

Hypocrite Hagan is at it again.  This woman seems to be incapable of running a campaign hagan and obamawhere her claims are either proven false or boomerang back on her. Right now, we’ve got a boomerang. Hagan’s attempting to cry foul on Thom Tillis as siding with ‘special interests’ because he opposes the Export-Import Bank subsidies.

Washington Examiner is just as baffled as to why Hagan would attempt to throw a jab at Tillis which can only come back to hit her in her own face.

How does Hagan’s campaign deal with the fact that she supports taxpayer-funded backstops for big exporters, foreign companies and the banks that finance them? By pretending the anti-subsidy position is the special-interest position.


Hagan’s campaign spokesman said: “Opposing reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank shows yet again that Thom Tillis will choose the special interests and outside billionaires over commonsense, bipartisan ideas that are important for North Carolina‘s economy.”


The Export-Import Bank subsidizes two percent of U.S. exports, with a majority of its money supporting the country’s five largest exporters. And these beneficiaries are disproportionately Kay Hagan donors — and the companies in which Hagan is invested.


No one suggests corruption in the confluence between Hagan’s finances (personal and campaign) and the subsidies she supports. But you’d think she would hesitate to bring up the special interests in the Ex-Im debate. – Washington Examiner





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